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The Best Housewarming Gifts

The Best Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming is not only the joy of moving into a new home but also a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary junk. As a rule – with slight sadness and great relief – the owners leave things in the old house that have long stood idle, take up space and collect dust. But housewarming also carries the danger of receiving a new portion of interesting and completely useless things as a gift from friends. So how not to become the author of a gift that will immediately go into indefinite exile, making them thrill even more than while hitting a jackpot at IviBet? Here are the best gifts that are great to use at home.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It’s easy to use, takes up almost no space and soon becomes a member of the family. The robot vacuum cleaner does not get its own name because it isn’t difficult to assign one with its “human” character traits. More advanced models know how to talk and come to the call, and less advanced – helplessly call for help, stuck under the couch.

The robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t eliminate the need for more serious cleaning, but it’s excellent for maintaining daily cleanliness. Turn it on and forget it.

Smart Keychain Tracker

Inexpensive but useful gadget that will help you quickly solve a problem everyone has faced: finding your keys. If the loss is within the dwelling, it’s easy to make it give an audio signal with a smartphone – a loud beep. And in case the keys are forgotten somewhere else, the key fob has a GPS tag that will help narrow it down to a few metres.

By the way, you can use the tracker not only with keys: it is compact enough, so it can be hooked on a bag or backpack, and a laptop.

Craft Cutlery 

The key word here is Craft. That is, it’s definitely not a “fun” set of dishes from the market.

Plates and cups made by hand or in small factories make any kitchen cozier, and morning coffee looks no worse than cappuccino in fancy coffee houses.

Aroma Diffuser

Christmas smells like tangerines and Christmas trees, a walk in the summer mountains smells like thyme and rosemary. All of these smells are easy to reproduce at home with quality essential oils and an aromatherapy diffuser that helps the scent spread around the room. Not to mention, certain sets of oils help focus, relieve headaches and even help fight colds by disinfecting the air in the house.

Giving a gift that is truly enjoyed is a separate kind of pleasure. And it’s worth spending a little more time figuring out the newcomers’ preferences and a little more money on the gift itself.

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