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The Da Vinci Cup

The Da Vinci Cup

The makers of Housos and Pizza lift the conspiracy on the World Cup in The Da Vinci Cup.

What secrets of The World Cup soccer tournament are hidden in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings Mona Lisa and The Last Supper? Join Pauly Falzoni of SBS TV’s Fat Pizza fame as he takes us behind the secret conspiracy of the world’s biggest sport.

Pauly Falzoni (aka Paul Fenech) takes us behind the secret conspiracy of the world’s biggest sport – soccer – and travels the globe to prove categorically that the World Cup is a sham! Pauly travels to the South of France, The
Louvre, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Malta in search of the secret society that has been rigging World Cup games for over 50 years.

The program follows the conspiracy that starts in the time of Jesus and travels to Europe with crusading knights and sexy medieval chicks. Find out how a prophet knew the results before the World Cup was ever even thought of, how Nostradamus chronicled these results in his medieval texts, and how Leonardo Da Vinci hid the results of all World Cup games in his famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Pauly exposes the corruption of important world figures such as George Bush, Bill Gates and major corporations, and bust the conspiracy behind the World Cup, as he takes the audience to the very heart of the evil, shocking and hilarious truth behind The Da Vinci Cup.

‘The Da Vinci Cup’ is available now on DVD.

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