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Top 50 Australian Albums of the 1990s

Digital radio station Double J are celebrating the 1990s all this month. It was an incredible decade for Australian music which saw an explosion of sounds, scenes, live music and festivals around the country.

As Double J continue the celebrations, they’ve selected the 50 Best Australian Albums of the 90s. While the list is generating lots of discussion, the notable omissions which would have made our list include ‘Not So Tough Now’ (Frenzal Rhomb), ‘Pure Killer’ (Defryme), ‘Ritual Eternal’ (Def FX), ‘Screaming Dolorous’ (Nitocris), and the hugely underrated ‘Self-Titled’ release from Bleutongue.

Check out the full list below:

1PowderfingerInternationalist (1998)
2Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsLet Love In (1994)
3The Living EndThe Living End (1998)
4RegurgitatorUnit (1997)
5You Am IHi Fi Way (1995)
6Crowded HouseWoodface (1991)
7SilverchairNeon Ballroom (1999)
8GrinspoonGuide To Better Living (1997)
9SpiderbaitIvy And the Big Apples (1996)
10The CloudsPenny Century (1991)
11Midnight OilBlue Sky Mining (1990)
12JebediahSlightly Odway (1997)
13The Cruel SeaThe Honeymoon is Over (1993)
14You Am IHourly, Daily (1996)
15The Dirty ThreeOcean Songs (1998)
16Kasey ChambersThe Captain (1999)
17The WhitlamsEternal Nightcap (1997)
18Something For KateBeautiful Sharks (1999)
19Youth YindiTribal Voice (1991)
20Kylie MinogueImpossible Princess (1997)
21Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsThe Boatman’s Call (1997)
22Died PrettyDoughboy Hollow (1991)
23Underground LoversDream It Down (1994)
24Paul Kelly & The MessengersComedy (1991)
25SilverchairFrogstomp (1995)
26PNAUSambanova (1999)
27Ed KuepperHoney Steel’s Gold (1991)
28Baby AnimalsBaby Animals (1991)
29Frenzal RhombA Man’s Not A  Camel (1999)
30Archie RoachCharcoal Lane (1990)
31Alex LloydBlack The Sun (1999)
32The SuperjesusSumo (1989)
33CustardWe Have The Technology (1997)
34TISMMachiavelli and the Four Seasons (1995)
35Christine AnuStylin’ Up (1995)
36Fallings JoyWishlist (1990)
37Beasts of BourbonThe Low Road (1991)
38Crowded HouseTogether Alone (1993)
39TiddasSing About Life (1993)
40Single Gun TheoryMillions, Like Stars In My Hands, Daggers In My Heart, Wage War (1991)
41Dave Graney & The Coral SnakesNight Of The Wolverine (1993)
42Ruby HunterThoughts Within (1994)
43TumbleweedTumbleweed (1992)
44Deborah ConwayBitch Epic (1993)
45INXSX (1990)
46Mark of CainIII At Ease (1995)
47Hunters & CollectorsCut (1992)
48Vika & LindaVika & Linda (1994)
49SkunkhourFeed (1995)
50Frente!Marvin The Album (1992)

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