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Travel Survival Tips

Travel Survival Tips

Long haul travel is very taxing on our health and physically quite demanding. Being aware of the health risks while flying and being organised with the remedies to treat them will have you arriving happier and healthier the next time you step off the plane after a long haul flight.


To minimise dehydration, try and drink 2–3 glasses of water plus a dose of oral rehydration solution such as Hydralyte every five hours.

Changing Cabin Pressure

Ear or sinus pain can occur when flying especially if suffering from infections or a cold. This discomfort can be minimised by using a saline nasal decongestant such as FESS saline spray thirty minutes prior to take off and landing.


Stay hydrated, avoid excess alcohol and caffeine and make sure you walk around the cabin to keep the body moving. Set your clock to the local time of your destination as soon as you get on the flight.

Stressed immune system

To boost your immune system try taking a supplement such as Frequent Flyer Health Boost. It includes ingredients to help support your immune system while travelling.

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