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Varidesk: Standing Desk Review

Varidesk: Standing Desk Review

It’s well known that those with more sedentary lifestyles are more likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who are active. And for office workers sitting in front of a screen all day, it can’t be all that great for your health. The solution – standing desks!

While standing desks have many great benefits including lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing the symptoms of lower back pain and improving your posture, they also burn around 50 additional calories an hour whilst you use one. So by standing half of your working day, you’ll burn a staggering 200 extra calories a day (a whopping 52,000 each year). That is the equivalent of running 18.71 marathons, all from behind your desk, all whilst you work. This easy switch will get you more active in no time at all.

The best standing desk solution we’ve come across to date would have to be the Varidesk Pro Plus 36. Conveniently, it comes fully assembled out of the box with no installation needed so the unboxing is effortless. Just place it on a flat surface (we simply positioned it on top of our traditional desk), adjust it to your liking and you’re done!

If you have a dual-monitor setup, the ProPlus 36 comes in very handy as it accommodates larger workspaces perfectly. The two-tier design with the upper display surface and lower keyboard/mouse deck gives you plenty of room for basics and accessories with the added convenience of never having to move any components when raising or lowering it.

The amazing design takes you from sitting to standing in under three seconds. Standing up at work and using a Varidesk will make a real difference to your working habits. It certainly did to ours – the reduction in neck and back pain was most noticeable. It’s also likely to lead to an increase in concentration and productivity as you begin to engage your heart and mind into your daily tasks.

If that’s not enough, you can expect improved circulation and a decrease of stress and fatigue as an increase in levels of energy and blood flow help counter the negative effects. By splitting your time 50-50 between sitting and standing, you will also be able to improve your physical, metabolic and even mental health, resulting in a more productive and happier work day. What more could you ask for?

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is available in white, black or dark wood from

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