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The Way We Were

By Alan Whiticker.

Explore Australia’s past To understand its present.

Australian life has seen many changes in the last century. We have gone from scattered colonies to a federated nation, from bush pioneers to suburbanites, and along the way there have been fascinating shifts in how we dress, eat, travel, entertain ourselves, and bring up our families.

The Way We Were analyses key moments in our political history, our participation in war, the emergence of our best entertainers and sports people, the crimes that rocked us, the evolution of our transport system, and the everyday details of our lives as we used to live them over the past century. In revealing chapter introductions, informative captions, and incredible images of the last hundred years in Australia, The Way We Were paints a remarkable picture of our nation’s changing identity.

Alan J. Whiticker is a freelance writer and commissioning editor who has written more than 30 books in the areas of history, biography, sports and true crime.

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