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10 Best Christmas Baby Gifts in 2021

10 Best Christmas Baby Gifts in 2021

Is your child celebrating their very first Christmas this year? Make it a holiday to remember with thoughtful gifts they’ll love from the memo. The collection represents the best of festive, summer moments with an easy to shop gift guide with options to suit every price point and lifestyle.

Discover our top picks for gifts that babies (and their parents) will appreciate in 2021.

1. Baby Nest

A baby nest is a great gift for little ones that have *everything*. It’s a comfy resting place for them to get their snooze on and for their parents to enjoy some hands-free time too. Choose from a range of brands over at the memo including Snuggle Me Organic, and Done by Deer. Our pick? The cosy nests from Snuggle Me Organic – do they make them in adult size? Asking for a friend!

Features of the Snuggle Me Baby Nest:

– Made with GOTS certified organic fabric
– For newborns until around 9 months of age
– Portable
– Machine washable

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

A surefire way to bring a smile to both babies and their parents’ faces is gifting a Bjorn bouncer. The Bjorn Bouncer Bliss is super comfy thanks to being made from quilted cotton and has 3 seated positions to choose from. It’s a natural rocker and gently moves with the weight of your child’s legs bouncing around.

Features of Bjorn Bouncer:

– Made from comfy cotton
– Machine washable
– Suitable for newborns – 2 years old
– Lightweight
– Packs down

3. Comotomo baby bottle

Looking for a useful stocking filler? Why not try the Comotomo baby bottles. Prices start from under $30 making them an economic and practical gift for Christmas. They’re innovative as they’re decided to mimic a real breast for a better latch that delivers a tactile experience for the baby. The teats are soft and a little squeezy just like a breast.

Features of Comotomo bottle:

– Made from silicone (free from nasties of course)
– Suitable for breast and bottle fed babies
– Squishy feel just like a real breast

4. Love to dream swaddle

If we’re honest, the real gift most new parents want is the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep. We can’t guarantee you’ll get a full 9 hours uninterrupted, but dressing your newborn in a swaddle can help them to have a better sleep. Not sure if you’ve tried to swaddle before but it can be a lot more complicated to do without the help of a midwife. The Love to Dream Swaddle Bags are seriously foolproof- just zip them up and you’re good to go.

Features of Love to Dream Swaddle:

– TOG-rated materials
– Made from 93% cotton
– Certified hip healthy design
– Twin zipper for quick nappy changes
– For ‘arms-up’ sleepers

5. Boon bath toys

Another great stocking filler or Kris Kringle gift are the gorgeous bath toys from Boon. Perfect for making bathtime that little bit more fun for slightly older children. Choose from the Boon bath fleet or water pipes.

Features of Boon toys:

– BPA, phthalate and PVC-free
– Perfect from 6 months +
– Encourages interactive play

6. Reusable swim nappy

Australian Christmas means beach time is a go! Buying baby a swimming costume is the perfect summertime Christmas gift, especially when it’s something as practical (and cute) as a reusable swim nappy. Baby Beehinds make ultra gorgeous ones in a variety of colours and will make sure swim time is brown code alert free!

Features of Baby Beehinds Swim Nappies:

– From newborn to three years of age
– Machine washable
– Clasp buttons and velcro straps

7. Rockit baby rocker

The perfect stocking filler for parents and their new babies. Get them the Rockit baby rocker if their little one struggles to settle when out and about. All you need to do is attach to your pram and it will keep it rocking without needing to move or use your hands. Perfect for helping a little one get off to sleep.

Features of Rockit:

– Battery operated
– Portable
– 60 hours of run time
– Adjustable speed

8. Baby nappy bag

We won’t lie – this is completely a gift for new parents and not for baby! A baby nappy bag is an absolute essential if you’re planning to ever leave the house with your baby in tow. We like gifting something unisex so either parent can get use out of it and it doesn’t replace a woman’s handbag. The Aluxo backpack is a great choice for this – functional, water resistant and even has insulated baby bottle holders.

Features of Aluxo backpack:

– Choose from grey or black
– Vegan friendly
– Waterproof
– Lightweight
– Unisex

9. Bubba Blue Hooded Towel

Soft and cosy, this is an adorable baby gift for Christmas. Did you know we lose most of our body heat through our heads? The Bubba Blue hooded towel combats this with the hood and will keep bub warm and cosy after their baths.

Features of hooded towel:

– Made with natural bamboo fibres
– Machine washable
– Suitable for newborns until 2 years old
– Soft and cosy
– Highly absorbent

10. Padded Play Mat

Our last top gift for baby’s first Christmas is a fun padded play mat. We love the mats from Little Wiwa as a super plush, comfy and safe space for baby to play or get tummy time in.  They’re ultra portable, easy to store (just roll up after play time) and will last for years to come in their nursery rooms.

Features of play mat:

– Waterproof
– Reversible print
– Soft and thick cushioning
– Non-toxic foam

Discover more delightful gifts for your baby this Christmas with the gift guide from baby store, the memo.

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