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Strategies To Further Increase Sydney’s Sustainability

Strategies To Further Increase Sydney’s Sustainability

Already one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly places, the City of Sydney is building on previous sustainability plans to create a new vision of an even greener city for 2050. Sydney is already powered 100 percent by renewable electricity from solar and wind farms throughout NSW, saving up to $500m and reducing carbon emissions by 20,000 tonnes each year. With a series of plans for greater sustainability, the City of Sydney continues to meet its targets for creating a greener metropolis in the near future. By reducing the use of harmful chemicals, helping to improve biodiversity in their neighbourhood and only taking eco-friendly road trips, individuals can also make a positive difference to the city’s sustainability.

Reducing Air Pollution in Commercial Buildings and Homes

As well as powering the city of Sydney’s public buildings with sustainable energy sources, other steps can be taken to maintain them in an environmentally-friendly way. Volatile organic compounds are a major source of air pollution in offices and other commercial buildings, and they can have a detrimental effect on health. As they are commonly found in detergents and disinfectants, by swapping chemical cleaners for less hazardous alternatives when cleaning commercial buildings, safer levels of air pollution are quickly restored. For individual residents across NSW, it is also possible to safely dispose of hazardous household waste while at the same time reduce the use of chemicals around the home. During regular maintenance, natural and safe products can be used for cleaning, gardening treatments and even pest control.

Encouraging the Use of Sustainable Transport

The government of NSW has a vision for 2056 of an improved and sustainable public transport network. It aims to lower vehicle emissions through the investment in more environmentally friendly fleets that run on low-carbon fuels or sustainably generated electricity. While cities and states can make decisions on lowering vehicle emissions, it is also up to individuals to make changes. Consumer choices are linked to more than 50% of proposed emissions reductions around the world. As sales of electric vehicles are much slower in Australia than the rest of the world, encouraging more Sydney residents to swap traditional petrol vehicles for an electric car could make a significant difference to the environment.

Creating More Eco-friendly Green Spaces

The city’s Greening Sydney Strategy is embracing urban greening as a solution to address climate change and improve the health and wellbeing of residents. One of the targets of the Strategy is to increase the city’s canopy cover to 22% by 2030. Individuals in the suburbs are also being encouraged to plant more trees, and work with their neighbours and local councils to create more green community spaces. As well as helping residents to feel connected to nature, more plants and trees promote biodiversity, reduce stormwater runoff and even help to raise property prices.

While the City of Sydney is already a model of sustainability, it still has ambitious targets to improve its green credentials. At the same time, individual residents are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the development of the city’s greener, less polluted and healthier environment.

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