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5 Best Apps for Travellers

5 Best Apps for Travellers

Experienced travellers know that they can’t do without services for booking flights, booking lodging, and finding the best cafes and interesting sights. But many don’t even know what other tasks mobile travel apps help solve.

XE Currency Converter

For years, the XE app has helped travellers cope with monetary calculations abroad, and it got popular as using it is even easier than creating a Cookie Casino login. Its usefulness increases significantly during shopping. Prices in other currencies don’t allow you to quickly assess how fair the cost of goods is. When buying nice-looking things, the app will tell you whether it’s more profitable to buy the same thing in your home country.

Service for Calculating Expenses Settle Up

When travelling with friends, it can be difficult to deal with money issues that arise during joint dinners or entertainment. Now there is an app called Settle Up for solving these problems. It will help divide bills and keep track of each traveller’s expenses individually. Based on the data you entered, the program will show how much you need to add for lunch, or who buys you the next coffee. Settle Up is best installed by the whole company at the beginning of a trip to see how money is spent in real time.

Smart Lens Caption Reader App

Alas, without knowing the language, navigating an unfamiliar city becomes a real quest. This is where Smart Lens, an app that recognizes photos and captions and turns them into text, can make your life a little easier. Its main advantage is that to use Smart Lens, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet. The app recognizes 56 languages and can successfully read QR codes, postal addresses and URLs.

Transfer Booking Services

For short distances, it is more convenient to travel by car. Today, cab booking apps are available anywhere in the world, but long-distance trips in a chauffeur-driven car are usually too expensive. You can book a long-distance shuttle service at a bargain price through, which works in more than 150 countries. You can place the request while you are still at home, and set your own price and choose the car you would like to travel in. The earlier you can place your request, the higher the probability to save nicely.

WikiLoc City Maps

What could be better than spending a couple or three hours exploring a new city and its surroundings? Finding your way to the most unique locations will help you find the experience of locals and advanced tourists. In the WikiLoc application, millions of interesting routes have already been created by users from all over the world. There are urban hiking trails, bicycle paths, and park areas. Going on a trip with your dog? WikiLoc will show you places to walk. Going to a new ski resort? The app has tracks for snowboarding.

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