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7 Delicious Cannabis Recipes That You Can Make At Home

7 Delicious Cannabis Recipes That You Can Make At Home

If you are looking for fun new recipes for weed edibles, look no further! Below we will list some excellent ideas for tasty treats with a twist. First, we recommend you learn to make cannabutter or infused oil. Both of these options form the base of many other recipes and can be added to most foods to give them the desired psychoactive effects. The most common baked goods to make from marijuana are brownies and cookies. We will also discuss gummies and hot drinks. Regardless of your personal tastes and desired calorie intake, one of these options will suit you perfectly.

1. Cannabutter

This weed butter product is a key ingredient in baked edible goods and can be put on most sweet and savory foods to give them an edge. Cannabutter is versatile, tasty, and convenient as a method for making your food psychoactive in nature. It is butter infused with cannabis and you can make it yourself at home.  First, you must decarboxylate the weed by baking it in an oven for thirty minutes at 250 degrees. Then, you will just need some water, butter, and this decarbed weed. Vegans can use vegetable oil instead. Look online for more details on cannabutter recipes.

2. Cannabis Oil

Like cannabutter, this infused oil is a great base for baked goods, and it can be drizzled over savory meals. You can also make this at home by infusing oil you have in your kitchen, similar to the process of making cannabutter. Get a recipe online and follow the instructions carefully.

Or, you can follow the Rick Simpson method, although it is a slightly complex and very precise process. You need 2 gallons (7.57 liters) of 99.5% Isopropyl Alcohol for every pound of weed you intend to use. If you are not making serious products in seriously big batches, it is best to stick to the first method.

3. Brownies

Now that you have your cannabutter and weed oil, you can start using them to create delicious edibles. Follow a weed brownie recipe online or a normal brownie made with oil recipe, as long as you keep an eye out not to overheat the oil and risk it losing its potency. This is the most classic kind of edible to make, and it is a crowd-pleaser.

4. Cookies

Pot cookies are another classic edible product, and can be made much in the same way as weed brownies. Either follow a specific recipe for edibles or experiment with an ordinary cookie recipe. Add chocolate chips or berries to make the flavor more interesting or to disguise the taste of the marijuana.

5. Gummies

You can also make weed gummies at home. The easiest way to do this is simply to buy gummy bears at the store, melt them down and then infuse them with weed oil before you put them in a mold and let them solidify once more. Make sure to dose these gummies carefully so you know what you are eating.

6. Tea

If you want the joy of edibles without the calorie intake of a cookie or candies, you can make cannabis-infused tea. For this, you need to finely grind your bud. The finer the better, as this allows more surface area for activation. Next, you need to mix your bud with a teaspoon or two of oil or butter, as THC needs to bind with fats to produce a high. Finally, add this mix to a tea bag or make it into a ball and add it straight into hot water and steep for thirty minutes over heat.

7. Hot Chocolate

You can even make hot chocolate infused with the strain of your choice. This warming drink will relax you even more than an ordinary warm cup of cocoa. You can use decarbed marijuana flower ground up to infuse this drink, though this will lead to a noticeable cannabis taste in the hot chocolate. For a more subtle flavor, you can also use weed-infused milk or sugar, oil, or tincture. Any of these options will leave you with a perfectly infused and tasty beverage, and the heat will help to reduce alcohol in the tincture.

This has been a list of 6 delicious treats that you can make with marijuana. If you love an edible, you should absolutely try out these ideas and see which one you like best. Starting with cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil is a good idea, as these form the ingredients of a lot of baked goods. Whatever your personal preferences for taste and calorie intake, there is something here just for you. Make sure to source your weed from a reliable and high-quality seller. Have fun experimenting with these fun recipes for edibles and don’t forget to tell your friends about the ones you liked the most!

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