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ANTHEIA: Effortless Fake Tan Removal

ANTHEIA: Effortless Fake Tan Removal

Investing in a beauty product that takes care of your skin is the first important step to any ‘faux glow’ fake tan routine. Many users would first reach for abrasive mitts and scrubs despite never using them on their face, but why should your body be any different?

Finally a product like this has been invented. And by an Australian company too! ANTHEIA has taken the pain and cringe-worthy effort out of fake tanning forever with its all-natural, botanical solution that dissolves fake tan and dead skin cells in a matter of minutes – no intense scrubbing required.

Just as we have been taught for generations to cleanse tone and moisturise our face, it’s time to apply this philosophy to our bodies. ANTHEIA’s two-step process does exactly this, leaving skin feeling dewy and fresh, with improved tone and texture.


Made from a sophisticated blend of non-harmful, active ingredients and botanicals such as Acai Berry and Aloe Vera extract, this first step effectively dissolves the fake tan pigment.

Simply pour the sachet into the provided spray bottle along with the remover base, and lightly spritz on the desired area, after one-two minutes, gently wipe off with the muslin cloth provided. The formula does the work here, not harsh scrubbing!


A multi-functional makeover for your skin, this gentle, lightweight peel removes dead skin cells instantly with potent amino acids and soothing botanicals, making it the perfect product to promote a healthy skin cell turnover. The Micro Peel’s toning effect balances the skin’s PH and natural moisture levels, giving you the perfect canvas for your next tan application.

“Your skin is a work of art and needs to be treated with absolute luxury and care, ANTHEIA’s promise is that with the right routine you will feel the difference” concludes ANTHEIA Co-Founder Brie Stevenson.

ANTHEIA Express Fake Tan Remover RRP: $29.95
ANTHEIA Liquid Micro Peel RRP: $29.95
The Essential Kit (ANTHEIA Express Fake Tan Remover (three removals) and ANTHEIA Liquid Micro Peel) RRP: $55.00

The ANTHEIA range of products are available now..

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