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Best Routes For Motorcyclists In Sydney

Best Routes For Motorcyclists In Sydney

In New South Wales, there are approximately 244 thousand registered motorcycles and a total of 860 thousand registered motorcycles in Australia as per the latest reports by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australia is a country with unforgettable landscapes, scenery, and sights. Sydney, in particular, is surrounded by stunning national parks, lush green rainforest and also has one of the finest beaches in Australia. For anyone looking to explore the city, a motorcycle ride is a perfect way to experience what Sydney has to offer. Moreover, it is blessed with hills on the outskirts of the Sydney basin and as any experienced motorcyclist would know, hills mean corners and corners coupled with heights get adrenaline pumping. With so many sights to see and great routes to explore in Sydney, the choice can be overwhelming. However, here are some of the best routes you should definitely consider riding along.

Bells Line of Road

Mountains and hills provide scenic and exhilarating routes. This is certainly the case with the gorgeous road passing across the blue mountains. The Bells Line of Road stretches from Kurrajong through the Blue Mountains to Lithgow on the west. It is a rollercoaster road with excellent quality tarmac stretching about 70km and suitable for the various types of motorcycles available in the market, but if you’re a first-time rider, a three-wheel ride will offer more stability while navigating these roads. Riding from east to west while leaving Kurrajong marks the beginning of the run. There’s a steep ascend up Bluebird Hill and a number of tight uphill corners. While at the top of the hill, there is a superb view of the Sydney skyline. Bells Line of Road is more of an open and sweeping road than a tight and twisty one. The road and curves give motorcyclists such an adrenaline rush and the scenery of the gorgeous bushland and the sandstone cliffs is striking. Please note the atmosphere along the road is normally a bit cooler and you should, therefore, ensure you keep yourself warm.

The Putty Road

Despite being busy and heavily policed these days, the road still offers almost everything a rider would wish for. Stretching by approximately 175km from Windsor to Singleton, Putty Road has long hills and a number of sweeping and tight corners. Just after Windsor, the road goes up a sandstone escarpment and then drops down again to the Colo River. From this point onwards, you will be riding up and down hills while sweeping corners until the end where you will meet the Hunter River located up past Singleton. The road is suitable for everyone, it has a wide range of corners, sharp and wide, quick and slow and a few straights in between to break up the ride thus allowing you to relax a little after the tight curves. You will also find remarkable cafes along the route. The road passes through two national parks and is frequently used by trucks, therefore, make sure you adhere to traffic rules and be conscious of straying wildlife.

Oxley Highway

A list of some of the best motorcycle rides in Australia would not be complete without the Oxley Highway. It is one of the most popular riding roads in Sydney. Stretching for approximately 165km from Wauchope to Walcha, Oxley Highway is a motorcycle lovers dream. The road is quite challenging. It has over 300 corners from Wauchope to Walcha and 70 km of non-stop twists that will put your brain in a bit of spin. Apart from the numerous corners, Oxley Highway has a wide range of beautiful scenery that makes it a site for sore eyes. From the lush rainforests to the eye-catching mountain views, the Oxley offers plenty of sights to explore and quite the riding experience.

There is nothing better than exploring new places on the open road. The allure of riding a motorcycle in Sydney, a city blessed with unforgettable landscapes, scenery, and sights is damn near irresistible. Catch a whiff of fresh air, enjoy scenic views, and get your adrenaline pumping by trying The Putty Road, Bells Line of Road, and Oxley Highway.

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