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Carol’s Beauty

Carol’s Beauty

We’re all aware of the need to slip slop slap, but finding a balance between protecting our skin and having a healthy glow is a perennial problem for lots of Aussie people. Torn between blistering our skin in the summer sun or being stuck with a streaky fake tan or uneven colouration, style conscious women have very little choice when it comes to finding middle ground.

Natural tanning expert, Carol Jaber may have found a solution. “I’ve always been conscious of the damaging effects the sun can have on my skin, but at the same time I struggled to find a fake tanning product that I felt comfortable wearing. I realised there was a need for such product between these extremes so I set about developing one.” After years of research and development, Jaber developed a product that allowed women to adhere to limited time in the sun each day, but ensure their time in the sunshine delivered maximum results. Carol’s Beauty Products provide all natural tan enhancers that allow people to maintain strict time limits exposed to the sun yet enhance their opportunity to develop a rich tan without the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Sun kissed Aussies are embracing this new trend in the sun tanning market. “People love the chance to maximise their time in the sun to be able to increase their opportunity to tan whilst still adhering to recommended sun protection guidelines”, says Jaber. Carol’s Beauty Products can be used under a selected sun screen before heading into the sun. The secret to the range lies in the extensive use of Carrot Oil. Carrot oil stimulates melanin on the skins surface and this encourages a natural tan in reduced time frames. In fact, the Carol’s Beauty range is proud to have Australian Organic Certification, meaning every ingredient used delivers a benefit to the skin. “That was always my goal, to achieve a healthy tan yet reduce the signs of ageing that can happen when our skin is exposed to too much sun. The all natural formula helps to protect the skin’s surface’’, says Jaber.

Carol’s Beauty Products are proudly Australian Made and ACO accredited. The range consists of tanning Oil (150ml) and Tanning Lotion (100ml) both retail at $34.99 and are available online and at select retailers across the country.

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