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Courtyard Kitchen

Courtyard Kitchen

Recipes and growing tips for herbs and potted fruits.

By Natalie Boog.

We all know that herbs and potted fruits thrive in courtyards and on decks, balconies and window skills but getting around to potting these delicious fresh produce is another thing. We’ve read the articles telling us how inexpensive they are to grow and how they add wonderful flavour and freshness to the simplest dish but, how exactly?

Courtyard Kitchen has practical hints and tips for selecting the right plants for your space and how best to maintain them through the seasons, as well as information on harvesting, storing and freezing. There are recipes for all our favourite dishes: risottos, roasts, pizzas, pastas, salads and soups, plus decadent cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats – all delicious, easy to prepare.

Natalie Boog grew up in a household that centred around the kitchen. Her first cooking experience, at age eight, was French toast – and she hasn’t looked back since. A self-taught home cook, her recipes are tried and tested, simple and full of flavour. Natalie is an experienced food photographer who has shot many cookbooks and magazines features.

Courtyard Kitchen is available now.

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