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Dry July with Parko's Pacers

Dry July with Parko’s Pacers

Dry July is here and it’s the perfect time to enter the month fully prepared with some specially created mocktails by world champion surfer Joel Parkinson (Parko). Parko’s four pacers are named after world famous surf breaks and use delicious fresh fruit as the basis for the drinks: Beach Break, Point Break, Cloud Break, and Reef Break.

Parko was recently named the new champion in Australia of its award-winning responsible drinking campaign, “Champions Drink Responsibly,” encouraging legal drinking age (LDA) 18-29 year olds to pace themselves by taking a time-out from a round when drinking on a night out with friends. Or in the instance of Dry July, choosing a Parko’s Pacer instead – all for the great cause to raise money for Cancer.


Beach Break:
–          50ml pineapple juice
–          100ml coconut water
–          10ml pineapple purée (can use fresh pineapple and muddle if no purée)

Point Break:
–          30ml lime juice
–          100ml soda water
–          2 teaspoons castor sugar
–          8 mint leaves

Cloud Break:
–          50ml pineapple juice
–          100ml orange juice
–          15ml lime juice
–          1 lemon wedge

Reef Break:
–          50ml beef consume
–          100ml tomato juice
–          10ml lemon juice
–          A pinch each of salt and pepper
–          3 drops of Tabasco sauce

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