• Stop Laughing…This Is Serious

    Stop Laughing…This Is Serious

    Chart a course through the story of Australian comedy, with the complete collection of STOP LAUGHING…THIS IS SERIOUS. Narrated by Eric Bana and Colin Lane, this six-part documentary, over two series, features more than 100 interviews with the men and […]

  • Why Tziporah Malkah is the new ‘it’ girl

    Why Tziporah Malkah is the new ‘it’ girl

    Tziporah Malkah emerged from hiding when she was stalked by papparazzi from the Daily Mail wearing a bed sheet to collect her mail. She seems an unlikely ‘it’ girl. Formerly Kate Fischer, a socialite, model and girlfriend of James Packer […]

  • Diamonds Are For Trevor

    Diamonds Are For Trevor

    Celebrating Shirley Bassey’s 80th birthday, the irrepressible Trevor Ashley will bring back his acclaimed two-act show for one Gala evening in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Thursday, March 2 in association with 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi […]

  • 2017 Academy Awards: Aussie Nominees

    2017 Academy Awards: Aussie Nominees

    In a first for the local film industry, Australian films have been nominated for a record-breaking 13 awards at the upcoming Academy Awards. Two Australian films, Lion and Hacksaw Ridge, have been nominated for best motion picture and have earned […]

  • Anya Taylor-Joy Interview

    Anya Taylor-Joy Interview

    Up and coming ‘It’ stars of the moment roll out of the movie industry on a regular basis, however not all live up to the hype. The Witch, a low-budget horror film took the world by storm in 2016 with most of the focus on an incredible debut performance […]

  • Vin Diesel Retrospective

    Vin Diesel Retrospective

    Former nightclub bouncer and light bulb telemarketer Mark Sinclair, better known as VIN DIESEL, is one of the biggest most bankable Hollywood action stars without having to do too much since successfully choosing high profile roles in untested franchise possibilities early in […]

  • Shen Yun returns to Sydney Lyric in 2017

    Shen Yun returns to Sydney Lyric in 2017

    Experience the wonder of China’s divine culture. See legends, myths, and heavenly realms spring to life through classical Chinese dance. Watch the dazzling costumes of ethnic and folk dances fill the stage with colour and energy.  Let stories of courage, […]

  • 2017 Golden Globe Nominees

    2017 Golden Globe Nominees

    To be hosted by multi-talented Jimmy Fallon, the 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Monday January 9th Australian EST signifies an official beginning to my favourite time of year, Awards Season. The Hollywood foreign press association have a tradition […]

  • The wonderful Hailee Steinfeld

    The wonderful Hailee Steinfeld

    Former cheerleader Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for an Academy award at the age of 15 for her role Mattie Ross in the 2010 remake of western classic ‘True Grit’ completely holding her own opposite silver screen legend Jeff Bridges. Deciding to go back […]

  • Top 10 Movies of 2016

    Top 10 Movies of 2016

    During a mish-mash year of motion picture releases, I have still managed to see 200 plus films including a few titles more than once, plenty of direct to DVD movies and selected international features at various film festivals. Blockbuster sequels, prequels […]

  • Telluride Mountainfilm coming to Australia

    Telluride Mountainfilm coming to Australia

    Held every year since 1979, Telluride Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival that showcases non-fiction stories about environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues in Telluride, Colorado, USA. Mountainfilm aims to educate, inspire and motivate audiences. The Telluride Mountainfilm festival will […]

  • Sunset Cinema is back

    Sunset Cinema is back

    Located on the lush turf of North Sydney Oval, in one of Sydney’s most picturesque landmarks, Sunset Cinema is the perfect occasion for a cinematic night to remember watching the stars under the stars. With its distinctive architecture and storied […]

  • Will Smith Gettin Jiggy Over The Years

    Will Smith Gettin Jiggy Over The Years

    From Fresh Prince of Bel-Air television beginnings and pop chart superiority to hit film leading man, Willard Carroll Smith Jr (better known as superstar Will Smith) is one of the few good things within dismal blockbuster Suicide Squad, equaling only Jared Leto and Australia’s own […]

  • What you don’t know CAN hurt you

    What you don’t know CAN hurt you

    Today everyone knows they need to keep an eye out for calories, sugar and fat content when they’re doing their weekly supermarket shop. But how many of us know what those other barely readable ingredients are? The ones that are […]

  • A marketplace of Wellness

    A marketplace of Wellness

    When it comes to a healthy diet, we all know the concept of “you only get out what you put in.” It’s catchy and serves as a healthy reminder to put down those greasy chips and pick up a health bar instead when snack-time beckons […]

  • New Australian small business grant from PACK & SEND

    New Australian small business grant from PACK & SEND

    In recognition of the role small business plays in powering the economy, Australia’s leading parcel courier and freight reseller, PACK & SEND, has launched the inaugural PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant, giving Australian small businesses an opportunity to […]

  • Michael Keaton Retrospective

    Michael Keaton Retrospective

    From humble beginnings as a television regular on the Mary Tyler Moore show, Michael Keaton seems like he has been around forever! And in the often short-lived Hollywood limelight arena, he has. In a role first offered to luminaries Kurt Russell, […]

  • 75% of Australian women

    75% of Australian women

    FEEL SEXUAL SATISFACTION IS IMPORTANT TO THEIR OVERALL WELLBEING. Yet 4 in 10 are not sexually satisfied. – 96 percent stated their overall perception of women who own sexual wellbeing products as positive – 76 percent of women feel in […]

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