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Flight Experience Sydney

Flight Experience Sydney

Fulfil dad’s dream of flying a jet airliner this Father’s Day with a Flight Experience gift voucher. Flight Experience is home to the world’s number one flight simulator experience. It offers Dad the unique opportunity to fly his own replica Boeing 737 in a state-of-the-art simulator. It’s a Father’s Day gift which he will remember for a long time to come and certainly beats another pair of socks or tie!

Dad will be able to sit in the captain’s seat, control take-off, cruise and even land the plane. He has the chance to travel to a choice of 24,000 real life airports around the world, from infamous airports such as the old Kai Tak airports in Hong Kong to exotic destinations such as St Maarten in the Caribbean.

The Flight Experience simulators are 100% to scale with a fully enclosed cockpit, functional aircraft panels, realistic flight model and controls along with an 180˚ HD visual system, creating an authentic and immersive aviation experience. Not only are the simulators used globally for pilot training, but they are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and Civil Aviation Authority Safety Authority.

Flight Experience offers a range of adrenaline pumping packages, ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, with the option of flying and dining available too. The one-on-one training with the instructor is simple and is a great way to understand the technical side of flying. Customers can choose to go on the ‘Scenic Flight’ for an exciting taste of being an airline pilot and have the chance to take off and land twice at the airport of their choice. For more adventurous flyers, there are the ‘Ultimate’ and ‘City Flyers’ packages which challenge you with an in-flight emergency or flying one of the world’s most dangerous approaches in stormy weather!

“Dads can take Father’s Day to a new level with all the fun Flight Experience simulators have to offer,” Ben Evans, co-owner of Flight Experience Sydney. “The packages can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual, whether they have years of flying experience or have never stepped foot in a plane before. It’s also a fantastic family bonding activity.”

Recently launched in July this year, Flight Experience Sydney also offers a complementary Virtual Reality Jet Fighter Experience for dads to explore this Father’s Day. They will get to discover what it is like to fly an F-18 Military Jet with the Virtual Reality technology, the Oculus Rift. Dad can fly to the beautiful mountains of Switzerland or the dense city of New York or anywhere down the West Coast of USA in HD. They will learn how to take-off, climb, turn and even perform military manoeuvres. They also have the chance to attempt landing while travelling at more than 300kph! Flyers can walk in the shoes of a pilot and experience endless thrills and adventure.

There are currently five Flight Experience stores based around Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Flight Experience Sydney packages range from $195-$425, with a 20% discount and complementary VR experience for each this Father’s Day.

Package Normal Father’s Day Special (-20%)
Scenic Flight – 30 Mins $195.00 $156.00
City Circuits – 45 Mins $245.00 $196.00
City Flyer – 60 Mins $295.00 $236.00
Ultimate – 90 Mins $395.00 $316.00
Multi City Flyer – 60 Mins $325.00 $260.00
Multi Ultimate – 90 Mins $425.00 $340.00

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