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Kowloon Cafe

A Haymarket Hidden Gem: Meet Hong Kong inspired restaurant, Kowloon Cafe

Located in the heart of Haymarket, Kowloon Cafe is loud and proud. Kowloon’s neon lighting, taxi booth seats and walls inspired by Mahjong (traditional Chinese tile game), encapsulates the authentic Hong Kong vibes.

Opened in November 2019 by entrepreneur and nightlife event manager, Howin Chui, Kowloon Café fills an identity gap of the authentic Hong Kong dining experience in Sydney.

The idea behind Kowloon Cafe began when Chui returned to Australia from Hong Kong and longed for an authentic Hong Kong experience in Sydney. He noticed that in Australia, the food culture surrounding casual Cantonese food was being associated with Bubble Tea and Fried Chicken. So, Chui began his mission to redefine the HK culinary experience in Sydney by introducing authentic food, music and beverage experiences. Everything from the menu to the service creates a unique sensory experience for all the guests that dine in the cafe.

“I wanted to bring the true HK to Sydney. I was inspired to create cafes and bars that included music, experiences and true Asian soul,” explains Howin.

Set in a laneway off Dixon Street, Kowloon features authentic Hong Kong cuisine that Howin had not yet seen in Sydney as well as innovative dishes. Highlights on the casual menu include the must-try Crispy, buttery pineapple bread and the Hong Kong-style French toast served with a selection of condensed milk, honey and maple syrup. If you are looking for something savoury, try the scrambled eggs with shallot rice served with a selection of BBQ pork, beef or prawn; the Satay beef noodle soup or the Stir-fried spaghetti with black pepper sauce and pork chop. 

The menu also features an extensive range of beverages to complement your meal. Howin says, “It’s a big trend in Hong Kong to order a lot of drinks because of the variety. Our Iced Milk Tea is not to be missed. It is one of the best in Sydney.” Other highlights on the menu include the Signature Lemon and Lime Tea (which actually has a limited supply daily) and the Salty Lemon Lemonade. All the tea is made in-house and is extremely popular with diners.

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