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Go Nuts For Doughnuts

Go Nuts For Doughnuts

National Doughnut Day might not be a public holiday (yet) but dough-nut worry as Australia’s much loved, iconic doughnut brand Krispy Kreme is giving Aussies across the nation a free Original Glazed™ doughnut to celebrate.

There’s no need to lick doughnuts on display to get your fix, a la Ariana Grande, instead just visit Krispy Kreme’s stores across the nation* to channel your inner Homer Simpson for a d’oh-y treat.

With all manner of doughnuts sweeping the nation this Friday, Krispy Kreme is stocked and ready to give away thousands of its world famous, melt in the mouth Original Glazed™ doughnuts. Enough for anyone to drool and say “Mmmm doughnuts…”.

And being nuts for doughnuts, Australia’s largest doughnut brand Krispy Kreme has dug into its archives and compiled a list of some of the kookiest doughnuts facts that could only be useful for a day like National Doughnut Day:

– If you had 15,250 single stacked Original Glazed™ doughnuts you would be able to reach to the top of the Sydney Tower

– It would take 2,833 Original Glazed™ doughnuts piled flat on top of each other to reach as high as the MCG light towers

– 11,911 Original Glazed™ doughnuts laid out flat end to end would cover the distance of Brisbane’s Storey Bridge

– The infamous doughnut “hole” doesn’t exist for Krispy Kreme doughnuts they are formed from dough extruded by air pressure to form a perfect doughnut shape

– A  Krispy Kreme store at full capacity can  produce more than 200 dozen doughnuts each hour.

– They say a real masterpiece is created with time, which is why it takes the Krispy Kreme staff more than four hours to hand craft a single batch of Original Glazed™ doughnuts

– Krispy Kreme has used the same recipe for the Original Glazed™ for almost 80 years. The recipe dates as far back to the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – that’s pretty old

– When a fresh batch of iconic Original Glazed™ doughnuts is ready, a Krispy Kreme employee presses a button to turn on The Hot Light, meaning a passer by knows when to grab the freshest, hot doughnuts.

National Doughnut Day occurs only once a year, so dough-nut forget to go into your nearest Krispy Kreme store to pick up your free Original Glazed™ doughnut, bringing a little more magic to your Friday.

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