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Jac Bowie Q&A

Jac Bowie Q&A

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Well originally, I was a Shirley Temple look-a-like. The triple threat: tap dancing, singing, acting and curly hair! I later attended drama classes, Newtown High School of Performing Arts and after coming up with the idea of The Burlesque Ball in 2005, the rest is history…

Tell us about Business in Heels.

I have an amazing amount of sassy, ambitious ladies in my immediate network, so I thought I’d throw them all into a room together and fill them with bubbles and see what happened – and Business in Heels was born. It was a hit! In six months we went from a small little gathering in Sydney, to now 35 branches across Australia, New Zealand, USA, UAE, Singapore and Thailand! I think the secret to its success is that it puts social first and business second – we’ve done away with the name badges and the mandatory elevator pitches and made fun and genuine connections (and bubbles) the focus of each event.

We are the naughty girls of networking, our events are WAY too much fun, and now with our partnership with Lust Have It, our goody bags just got even better! We also like our bubbles…

Best part of what you do?

I get to meet inspiring women all the time. I am surrounded by smart, amazing women who are positive and want to support and help each other.  Business in Heels has also allowed me to do more charity work which is another massive bonus.

And the worst part?

I created a business with events on school nights. It can be a juggling act as a mum! Luckily I just got my first car (age 34, I know don’t laugh!) so that’s making life easier.

Any interesting experiences you can share?

I’ve got a whole book of them out later this year! Keep your eyes peeled for Business in Heels (the book). Juicy goss galore!

Favourite album of all time and why?

I would have to say Blue Lines – Massive Attack. Never dates, every single song is a killer.

Best live performance that you’ve ever seen?

Madonna when I was 14. I was crying even before she came on stage. I totally lost it. Gave me a lot of big production ideas too.

Favourite bars/clubs/pubs to hang out in?

In Sydney I love my old hood of East Sydney / Darlinghurst.  Winery / Gazebo I love. Sweethearts rooftop. I LOVE a good rooftop. And anywhere that does a good Pimms Cup or Amaretto Sours.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Jac Bowie.

Well, I am living in Bowral now, so if I’m not coming to Sydney for a meeting or event, I see my two little ones off to school, pick up a soy latte from my fave cafe in Bowral and then it’s back to the house and in front of the computer. My PA lives with me, so my formal lounge is converted into Business in Heels headquarters. It’s pretty normal except the constant stream of 80s power ballads and updates on my PA Deb’s dating life…

Any news or final comments?

Our new site is amazing, go check it out to find out about our Business in Heels happenings in Sydney!

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