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Lifestream Spirulina Blue

Lifestream Spirulina Blue

Alcohol and party snacks, late nights and multiple commitments can put stress on the body (while leaving your brain in a fog). Spirulina Blue is a late night essential if you want to give yourself optimal chance of getting through that movie double, after dinner show or if you want to have energy to burn after busting out all of those midnight clubbing dance moves.

Potent Benefits

– A natural energy boost;
– Keep your immunity up despite late nights and midnight snacks;
– Support your body with superfood vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids;
– Supports and boosts the body’s natural detoxification efforts.

What is it Exactly?

– Spirulina Blue is the world’s strongest spirulina, an incredible green superfood;
– Lifestream Spirulina Blue contains 23 percent PURE PHYCOCYANIN – 50 percent more than other spirulinas;
– The tablets have the additional benefit of a natural vanilla coating, so they taste great too.

What Does Spirulina Blue Do and Who Can Benefit?

Containing a unique powerhouse of nutrients with high levels of Vitamin B3, GLA and Phycocyanin, Lifestream Mini Spirulina Blue is a quick and convenient energy boost, great for home, at your desk or in your sports or party bag. An excellent, natural and safe source of iron, with 65 percent protein for energy, vitality and stamina. With 50 percent more phycocyanin, it is perfect for people who are under stress, lead a hectic lifestyle, feel rundown and are at risk of getting sick. Fight fatigue with the pure energy of Spirulina Blue. Free from caffeine, stimulants, artificial additives or preservatives.

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