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MAU POWER: The Show Must Go On

MAU POWER: The Show Must Go On

Following on from Mau Power’s debut single ‘Island Home’ which contains a sample of My Island Home by Christine Anu, Freedom is his new single featuring the legendary Archie Roach, an inspirational anthem that gives the audience a great feeling of hope while listening to it. The song represents a universal story of freedom from mental slavery. It is a ‘protest’ song that manages to embrace and welcome all listeners to walk with Uncle Archie and Mau Power on the road to unity. A modern sound that resonates with an ancient soul, its inspirational lyrics create a want for a better future and a belief that it can and will be obtained.

Mau Power is a lyrical storyteller from Thursday Island in the Torres Straits. For many years he has been guided by two cultures, Indigenous culture and Hip Hop culture. “The only way for me to tell the story of how these cultures entwine and connect is for me to tell my own story.” The result is Mau Power’s new album ‘The Show Will Go On’.

Mau Power recorded his first song in Brisbane when he was 17 and was attending the University of Southern Queensland. Shortly after this time he was incarcerated and while in prison, the song was leaked throughout the Islands. “When I was locked up I came to a cross road. I used that time to plan my next move so when I was released everything was lined up. I began focusing on the business of music, the industry as well as the recording. I took what I learnt from my studies in mechanical engineering and applied it to sound engineering.” As a result of these plans and some positive action, Mau Power is now the owner of his own music company, a strong community leader and works with youth throughout the Straits and Australia, running workshops for people such as Desert Pea Media and Unicef.

‘The Show Will Go On’ is an autobiographical album taking us on a journey through the pinnacles of Mau Power’s life. It is the art of storytelling that embodies the connection of two cultures that makes Mau Power a truly unique Australian artist with universal appeal. The album features the legendary Archie Roach, Radical Son, DJ B.Two (Australian DMC Champion) and many more. The front cover of the CD is a collection of stunning portrait photographs taken by Rush featuring several local Torres Strait people including Mau Power and NBA champion Patty Mills.

The Show Must Go On is available now.

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