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MOTHER JACK: Shout Until Our Lungs Are Blue

Mother Jack

Shout Until Our Lungs Are Blue.

Mother Jack is the work of two musicians – Casey and Johan Moir. Together they write all their music and lyrics as well as arrange all of their songs. The simple combination of double bass and vocals is the foundation for the Mother Jack sound. From this base they have added percussion, glockenspiel and numerous effects to create an atmosphere that is both rich in depth and dynamic – more than one would expect of such a setting.

Mother Jack has been prominent on the live scene in Sweden, having played at festivals such as Backafestivalen, GMLSTN Jazz, Luleå Blues Festival and Skurupsfestivalen. In 2012 they were awarded “most promising up-and-coming band” at the Melbourne Fresh Showcase, where they were a crowd favorite and received rave reviews.

‘Shout until Our Lungs Are Blue’ is ‘As much pop as it is experimental with looped voices, a hint of jazz, a little funk and seemingly melodic without actually being melodic. Not exactly sane. Yet great. And so much fun.’ – Backafestivalen 2015.

A must have listen and great release to end 2015.

Track Listing:

1. Oblige
2. Problems
3. I’m Fine
4. Child Soldiers
5. Everyone Dies
6. Late
7. Homing Birds
8. Lost

The debut album by Gothenburg based alternative pop duo Mother Jack…’Shout Until Our Lungs Are Blue’ is available now.

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