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Mrs Brown's Boys D’Movie

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Starring: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Gary Hollywood, Eilish O’Carroll (Rated M – 94 min).

Appalling feature film spin-off from the BBC Television production, the outrageously popular Mrs Brown’s Boys, the most horrendous 94 minutes of cinema in 2014. Male actor Brendan O’Carroll impersonates the foul mouthed mammy of six, who in this extension to the series is under threat from developers to shut down her local fruit stall. That’s it, nothing more, the premise to the plot involves locals versus corporate identities and going to court with the support from the working class cheering from the balcony.

Beware newcomers, definitely not for you, this unorthodox movie is for pre-existing fans of the situation sight-gag comedy series who are ready for the slew of nonconformist repartee only. The ramshackle appeal of the humour will struggle to gain traction with an uninitiated audience. Brevity of sub-plots of new cultures versus old cultures clashing is simply an excuse for a string of politically incorrect jokes and chase scenes that seem lifted straight out of Benny Hill. Other reminders of low-brow sexual and racial innuendos, such a hit in irreverent time capsules like Are You Being Served, or the carry on wink-wink nudge-nudge films of the 70s are basically tweaked here for cheap laughs that never materialise.

Brendan O’Carroll is likable as Mrs Brown, he is appealing fitting into the she persona, as believable as our very own matron Dame Edna, but adapting this TV hit to cinema format is an embarrassing fail. Many of his real life family play his siblings in the film. Only die-hard fans will get any joy out of this miserable cash-in. The sell-out live arena shows across Australia prove there is a support base who might disagree with my opinion on this. The city of Dublin and its postcard-pretty surrounding locations is the only real purity amongst the comedy insanity.

Bloopers or out-takes seem to have been left within the film the further it goes on, why? I didn’t think it could happen but Sex Tape is now NOT the most horrendous comedy of the year.

Shane A. Bassett

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