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NIVEA Daily Essentials

NIVEA Daily Essentials

NIVEA understands that everyone has different skin types and skincare needs. NIVEA Daily

Essentials is specifically formulated to suit individual skin types – allowing it to become a part of millions of people’s beauty regimes. While NIVEA Pure Effect, previously known as the Young range, has been designed to help reduce impurities and imperfections.

This year, NIVEA has given these two popular skincare ranges a makeover. In particular, the Daily Essentials range has had a formulation upgrade to include NIVEA’s own Hydra IQ Moisture Technology for long lasting moisturisation and now features NIVEA’s new round logo.

NIVEA Daily Essentials

The new look Daily Essentials range is segmented by skin type – “Dry & Sensitive skin” and “Normal & Combination skin” – and each features a specially formulated cleanser, day cream, night cream and cleansing wipes for a complete beauty routine solution to skincare. This year also saw two exciting Cleansing Mousses and two SPF30+ Day Creams welcomed into the Daily Essentials range.

NIVEA understands that each skin type needs different ingredients to help you achieve better skincare for life. That’s why you can find Almond Oil in the “Dry & Sensitive” range to help soothe dry and irritated skin and Vitamin E in the “Normal & Combination” skincare range which acts as an anti-oxidant to provide skin with long lasting smoothness.

NIVEA’s Hydra IQ Technology

Our skin holds 25% of our body’s total water*, so it’s no surprise that when we’re feeling a little dehydrated, our skin may feel a little dry and rough. With this in mind, NIVEA has introduced its revolutionary Hydra IQ moisture technology to the Daily Essentials range to ensure skin maintains a healthy moisture balance, no matter what your skin type is. Providing instant and non-stop 24-hour moisturisation, Hydra IQ hydrates skin from within, activating the skin’s own moisture networks.

NIVEA Pure Effect

NIVEA Pure Effect is the revamped NIVEA Young range and is suited to those who experience breakouts, imperfections, an oilier complexion and blackheads. The Pure Effect Range has been specially formulated with Magnolia Extract which is known for its ability to fight skin impurities. Developed to gently, yet effectively, eliminate skin impurities, the range includes a cleanser, toner, daily scrub, day cream and tinted day cream, offering you a complete skincare regime. NEW to the range this year was the 3-IN-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes, designed to cleanse, exfoliate and purify all in one easy step. So whether you need skincare for an oily T-zone or a little extra TLC for dry & sensitive skin, NIVEA has a solution to help you achieve better skincare for life.

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• Stockist number: 1800 103 023

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