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Pacific Drifter Has Launched As The Best Spiced Rum To Enjoy All Year Round

Pacific Drifter Has Launched As The Best Spiced Rum To Enjoy All Year Round

Enter the newly launched, socially-conscious, Australian Pacific Drifter, who recently clinched the prestigious Spiced Rum/Cane Spirit Trophy at the esteemed 2023 Australian Rum Awards. A remarkable accolade that marks a phenomenal debut for Pacific Drifter in a category traditionally dominated by long-standing industry titans, solidifying its status as the vanguard of craftsmanship and spirited excellence.

Capturing the essence of Queensland’s sun-drenched sugarcane fields, Pacific Drifter embodies the quintessence of the laid-back Australian lifestyle. The meticulously crafted cane spirit is a fusion of locally sourced, fresh Queensland molasses, distilled to purity, and imbued with the vibrant zest of cinnamon pods, Madagascan vanilla, and citrusy notes of orange and lemon peel. Each sip is a seamless voyage to a state of liquid sunshine.

The Australian Rum Awards celebrate the finest spirits within the category, as voted by an esteemed panel of world-renowned judges. Emerging victorious in this arena solidifies Pacific Drifter as the leader of Spiced Rum, and is a testament to the exceptional mastery and dedication of its craft.

“We are absolutely thrilled for Pacific Drifter to receive such an esteemed trophy in its inaugural year of production. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting a product that embodies the essence of Queensland’s sugarcane fields while pioneering sustainability practices. Winning this award amidst established industry giants is an honour beyond measure and a testament to the dedication of our team,” says Chris Illman, Pacific Drifter Head of Sales & Marketing.

Pacific Drifter launched in August 2023 and stands as a beacon of sustainability, committed to a socially conscious ethos that underpins every aspect of the brand, including:

– Recycled Labels: utilising label stock made from sugar cane waste, thereby reducing environmental impact while adding value to the production cycle.

– Locally Sourced Molasses: the Queensland Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar-making process, ensuring zero waste in the production chain.

– Glass Recycling: the bottles, crafted from recycled glass, advocate for circularity, ensuring sustainability without compromising quality.

From the cane fields to your taste buds, the Pacific Drifter ingredients are pure and simple, distilled with tradition, innovation, and sustainability. The end result is a libation that embodies the true essence of Australia’s spirited craftsmanship.

Pacific Drifter is available at your local liquor shop or online here.
700mL – 37% – $60.00 RRP.

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