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Silk Series

Silk Series

By Hideo Dekura.

Teppanyaki: Teppanyaki describes a traditional Japanese method of cooking food on a hot plate, or wire mesh, similar to a barbecue. The cook turns artist sharing his or her culinary skill with watching guests and presenting them with precise and neat platters of freshly prepared flavourful dishes. Includes recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, desserts and stocks and sauces.

Japanese: Japan is famous for its delicious and healthy food. Its unique ingredients and fresh taste make it one of the world’s best‐loved cuisines. This book focuses on the basics of Japanese cooking and explores the history and culture of Japanese cuisine. It also includes a guide to choosing the correct cooking utensils and selecting the best ingredients. With delicious recipes covering sushi, sashimi, stews, deep‐fried food, teppanyaki and more, Japanese is the essential guide to cooking for everyone with a love for Japanese food and culture.

Sushi: Sushi is a delicious and healthy meal that is also easy to make at home. This easy‐to-follow cookbook explores the basics of making sushi, with information on sushi varieties, traditional sushi-making instruments and common sushi fillings. Recipes include a wide range of sushi favourites, from nori rolls to sushi bowls and hand‐moulded sushi, as well as a guide to preparing many of the ingredients. Sushi is the essential guide for everyone with a love for Japanese food and culture.


Hideo was born in Yotsuya. After years of cooking and demonstrating in Japan, Hideo’s interests led him to Europe, the UK, and later the USA where he was able to combine his skills in Japanese and European cuisine by working as a cooking demonstrator in California. 1974, he settled in Sydney and established his own catering company. He is a Master of Literature through the Shijyoushinryuu School and author of several Japanese cookbooks.

The SILK SERIES of books (Teppanyaki, Japanese, and Sushi) are available now.

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