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The Best Podcasts For College Students

The Best Podcasts For College Students

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among students. The reason is that there are dozens of various types of podcasts that can cover any topic you can imagine. Moreover, there are some podcasts developed for young learners. If you would like to listen to the most popular options, this post might be the right thing for you.

Before Choosing A Podcast

The truth is that some podcasts are very exciting and provide you with tons of useful information. You might start listening to it for hours and forget about other important activities. Make sure you have enough free time before diving into this field and enjoy listening.

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You can find loads of useful facts about writing services on independent feedback sites. For example, is ivypanda legit? Read here for more information about the benefits and drawbacks of certain academic writing websites. Now, after you’ve placed an order to write your essay on a good and reliable site, it’s time to discover the most demanding podcasts for young learners.

College Info Geeks

This podcast is developed for college students who want to improve their academic performance, increase productivity, and find out the most effective learning tips. The channel also offers plenty of useful information about career opportunities, volunteering, and prompts for managing your daily activities.

When listening to this podcast, you will find the answers to many important questions, including:

– How to meet more new friends at college?
– What is the fastest way to pay off your student loan?
– How to find your first job?
– What are the best tips to succeed in a job interview?
– Can you complete your academic assignment within the shortest terms?
– How to prepare for exams in the most effective way?

The Career Growth Podcast

If you are a young learner digging your toes into the waters of the local job market, this podcast will provide you with plenty of up-to-date and useful data. The podcast covers the following topics (and many more):

– Internship: benefits and drawbacks.
– How to become an intern in one of the biggest companies on the market?
– What are the most effective ways to impress an interviewer if you have a limited number of practical skills?
– What are the secrets of creating a winning CV and cover letter?
– How to find new job opportunities?
– Are there any ways to reduce stress levels when having your first job?
– How to avoid burnout?

TED Talks Daily

This podcast is also known for its YouTube videos with millions of views. Not only is it focused on learning and building a career but also on science, social life, discoveries, innovation, and motivation. If you are exhausted from learning, you will also find some inspiration to continue your studies.

The podcast contains dozens of speeches from famous speakers, scientists, celebrities, and influencers from all over the world. All audios have top-notch quality, so you will not likely hear any noise when listening to the podcast. If you would like to know more success secrets and tips shared by world-known experts, Ted Talks Daily is ready to give you such an opportunity. What is more, podcasts usually have links you can explore if you want to dive deeper into a particular topic. There is always room for advanced research.

Life Kit

This podcast is targeted at college and university scholars. It covers countless topics that are relevant to most students. For example, you can find out more information for freshmen learners, get practical advice on managing your studies, and improve your time management skills. Some podcasts are fun and can elevate your mood even during the most challenging learning days. You can get the answers to these burning questions and more:

– How to perform well at high school, college, and university?
– What extracurricular activities should you choose?
– What qualities does a good student need to develop?
– How to eliminate distractions during your studies?
– How to improve your focus?

The number of podcasts developed for students is truly amazing. You can find hundreds of options focused on student life, academic performance, preparing for exams, making new friends, improving your effectiveness and focus, starting a career, finding your first job, and many others. If you would like to listen to the most popular podcasts, pay attention to Entrepreneurial Thoughts Leader, Cappuccino, All Things Money,  The 5 am Miracle, Brain Science, Freakonomics Radio, The Sporkful, The College Investor, Becoming Wise, The Squiggly Careers, The Lazy Genius, The Trend Reporter, and others.

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