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THR1VE: Keto-Friendly Meal Delivery Service

THR1VE: Keto-Friendly Meal Delivery Service

Aussie business THR1VE is transforming lives and helping people achieve their dream bodies with a ultra-low carbohydrate Ketogenic lifestyle, delivering ready-made keto-friendly meals to homes and offices. The healthy restaurant chain’s home delivery service is growing rapidly with the keto-friendly meals helping customers shed kilos with ease.

The Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet, which has a range of benefits including increased mental performance, feeling fuller for longer, and burning more body fat throughout the day. The exciting research into the benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle is the backbone of THR1VE’s mission. The benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle are not limited to weight loss, with research showing a keto-friendly diet can help prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, and help protect against heart disease and Alzheimer’s.  Many people choose Keto eating full time, while others choose to cycle in and out of ketogenesis, utilising a Cycle Low Carb approach.  THE THR1VE Protocol, a comprehensive 8 week nutrition and training to effortlessly achieve your dream body providers detailed prescriptions for both approaches.

“Consuming high amounts of healthy fats and limiting carbs essentially reprograms your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. On a Ketogenic Diet or Cyclic Low Carbohydrate Diet, both of which are fully supported with our ready-meal range, you can say goodbye to counting calories and get back to enjoying delicious food guilt-free, all the while dropping excess body-fat and enjoying increased energy,” said Josh Sparks, Founder and CEO of THR1VE.

Sparks wants to help more people achieve their healthy, sexy dream body while enjoying delicious, nutritious food. “You can experience amazing results thanks to the proven science underpinning every meal at THR1VE. It’s never been easier for you to achieve the healthy, vibrant, sexy body you deserve!” said Sparks.

THR1VE provides the only fresh ready-made meals designed to achieve your dream body and optimum health, effortlessly. The entire menu is chef designed and nutritionist approved, both in store made fresh to order and the fresh ready meals delivered to you. THR1VE uniquely provides a total wellness solution, from nutrition delivered to your home or office or accessible at their restaurants, to a research based 8 week nutrition and training transformation program, the THR1VE Protocol and complimentary nutrition seminars for workplaces.

THR1VE@home features more than 25 lunch & dinner meals for customised orders, four tailored meal plans, as well as breakfast items, healthy snacks, desserts, and the exclusive THR1VE lean protein. THR1VE delivers to homes and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane Metro, with plans to expand soon. Meals start at just $9.95, making optimum health and a sexy body affordable and delicious.

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