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Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes

On the eve of their final Sydney show of 2013, Eddie from indie rock five-piece, Twin Lakes, took some time out to chat with Sydney Unleashed.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I’ve always had a love of music. I started out singing in a choir when I was in primary school but then quickly transferred to guitar in my high school years. I was in a few bands growing up but it wasn’t until I joined Newcastle indie band Seabellies that I got my real start in original music.

Best part of what you do?

I think one of the best parts is meeting new people and getting to travel. I’ve made some great friendships and seen some amazing places over the years.

And the worst part?

I guess one of the worst parts of being in a band is the ongoing cost of being in a band and the hard yards you have to do before you can start to make any decent money but it’s all worth it.

Any interesting experiences you can share?

Making our first ever film clip was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. I’ve made a few through Seabellies but never with me up front. It was a bit daunting but fun.

Favourite album of all time and why?

Now that’s a tough one. I think I’d have to go with a lot of people and say ‘OK Computer’ by Radiohead. That album had such a big impact on me when I first heard it. It’s such a timeless album that has had such an influence on so much music since.

Best live performance that you’ve ever seen?

That’s easy… I don’t think I could ever top being right up the front of Radiohead’s Sydney concert last year.

Favourite bars/clubs/pubs to hang out in?

Depends where we are but my favourite ones are Shady Pines in Sydney, Lefty’s in Brisbane is pretty cool and The Workers Club in Melbourne is always fun.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Twin Lakes.

A good day would be a day spent sitting in my backyard writing music, a quick walk up to the beach to write lyrics, then back home to play some guitar and finish the day with a movie and some good food.

Any news or final comments?

We’ll be recording our new single in the not too distant future which hopefully will be out before too long. We’ve also got some exciting ideas for our next film clip which will be fun. We’ll be taking some time off shows to make some new music too which will be great as we haven’t stopped yet. So plenty of exciting things to come from Twin Lakes I think.

Make sure to catch Twin Lakes at their final Sydney show of 2013 at The Standard on 17th October.

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