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Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind

Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind

By Maggie Wilde.

Maggie Wilde is one of Australia’s most respected Clinical Hypnotherapists with over 12 years’ experience. Maggie is a Clinical Supervisor and teaches the Practitioner Level Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and various Practitioner courses. Her Industry training academy is recognised by the Peak Body here in Australia and other International Industry Training Colleges and Associations.

Many trials have been performed on hypnotherapy’s effect on stress, weight loss, pain management, stop smoking, anxiety, addiction and many more issues.

Maggie has helped thousands of people over the years achieve their desired outcomes, whether it’s privately in clinic or at one of her many workshops.

Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind, is her first book in her Mind Potential series, published by Mind Design Centre. The main message in Maggie’s book and hypnotherapy in general, is that to make a permanent physical change, you must also change your mind.

One of the unique aspects of the book is that it comes with free brain training audio and video exercises to help the reader rewire and reprogram their thoughts, habits and emotional eating patterns. Maggie says the audios are the key, if used, to stop the yo-yo diet effect… The CPR audios – Control – Program – Rewire

–  Control cravings and unhelpful thinking patterns
–  Program the mind for healthy thought and habits
–  Rewire the brain to think slim and healthy permanently

Maggie’s inspirational client, Trish Walker, who lost over half her body weight, used the strategies and audios that come with this book. Trish was 156kgs at her heaviest and now weighs 75kgs (165cm). “There are 100’s of strategies in the book and we teach the major ones in the workshop too, such as waking hypnosis craving control techniques that you can do at home, work or anywhere,” says Maggie.

The book explains how to reprogram the brain through certain hypnotic and meditative states and resolve the conflict of the part of the brain that wants to lose weight and the part that still wants chocolate, cake, bread, cheese or wine etc.

“Some people prefer to take part in our workshops to kick start the program, then have the extra support of ongoing webinar sessions, others prefer an individual program. It’s a personal choice,” explains Maggie. The book provides step by steps strategies. “If you read the book, listen to the audios as outlined and follow the 10 Commitments in the book, you will easily achieve your goals.”

Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind (which includes a free CPR Mind Potential Kit DVD) is available now.

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