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Weekend fun just outside Sydney

Weekend fun just outside Sydney

From rare blooms to bees and plants with bite, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is full of fun events that celebrate the quirky and the astounding this summer!

Hit the road for:

#1. Exquisite Puya in flower (Until mid-Jan 2017)

With 2-3 metre tall spikes covered in bright turquoise blossoms these exotic flowers from Chile only bloom once at the end of their seven year life cycle!

#2. Plants with Bite! Carnivorous Plant Fair (3 – 11 Dec 2016)

Bag your very own Aussie carnivorous plant and learn about the curious meat-eating species with a mini exhibit curated by one of the world’s leading Carnivorous Plant experts, Greg Bourke.

#3. Carnivorous Considerations (5, 9 Dec 2016)

Get up close and Carnivorous Plants in this unique workshop which will give tips on growing the little beasties, as well as some insight into the global threats facing various carnivorous species.

#4. Bog Garden Bash (6, 8 Dec 2016)

How can a muddy bog be home to such beautiful, rare native plants? Join an intimate tour to see and learn about the gorgeous rare Australian orchids, sphagnum mosses and carnivorous plants that are brought to life by the moist, murky mountain bog!

#5. Mountain Explorers (1 Dec 2016 – 28 Feb 2017)

An adventurous, kid-friendly self-guided garden tour. Follow a map to find five trail stops with fun hands-on activities along the way. And the bonus? If you solve the puzzle at the end, you win a prize.

#6. The Buzz on Native Bees (21 Jan 2017)

Learn about the wonderful native bees that call Sydney and its surrounding regions home and then learn how to attract them to your garden.

Other great summer events at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden include a Bird walk and talk with Carol Probets (Feb 2017) and the Mountain Treasures Exhibition (Dec 2016 – 26 Feb 2017). Further information from

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