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What Salesforce Developer Certification to Follow and Why Opt for Any of Them?

What Salesforce Developer Certification to Follow and Why Opt for Any of Them?

Developer or a designer, certifications help you add another feat in your portfolio. It is proof of your abilities and speaks for you and on behalf of you. While there are multiple domain-specific courses that can be used by the specialist to get certified, it’s always best to opt for those credentials that will help you acquire in-depth knowledge of the new technologies. Nowadays it is known that Salesforce happens to be one of the trending job profiles. It could be because of the rising popularity of cloud-native apps or the need to shift legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Whatever the case is, Salesforce developers are in demand, and attaching a certification from this vendor to your profile will only do books to your career.

Who Is Salesforce Developer?

Before getting into the details of Salesforce Developer badges, let’s understand what a Salesforce developer does. Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based CRM platforms available across the world that offers various certifications based on a certain job role. Overall, a Salesforce developer is a specialist who does all the coding and customization jobs. It could be for a client, another tech company, or maybe a joseph p . In addition, developers work extensively to write custom-fit codes for organizations to continue working on cloud solutions with ease.

How to Become Salesforce Certified Developer?

If you are considering becoming a developer accredited by Salesforce, then you must look into the certifications that are offered by this vendor in their Developer category. Thus, here go all the Salesforce Developer badges:

– Platform App Builder: The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is the one where candidates are taught everything about APIs and the ways to use them to build custom applications.

– Platform Developer I: This badge will help you leverage the Apex programming language and Visualforce user llewelyn q framework to build user-rich and feature-specific applications.

– Platform Developer II: With this credential, you’ll get to know more about the advanced functionalities of the Salesforce platform and will get in-depth knowledge of data modeling to craft complex applications.

– B2C Commerce Developer: This certification is just right for you if you have some work experience with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.

JavaScript Developer I: If you are a JavaScript geek, then this accreditation is definitely for you! It will teach you how to work with Lightning Web Components and other Java-related technologies.

Marketing Cloud Developer: Do you want to become fluent in Marketing Cloud scripting languages and learn how to create personalized pages and mark w? If yes, then you should follow this certification path.

For you to know, all of these accreditations don’t come without toil. You must prepare yourself adequately and pass exams to achieve them. It can be demanding but eventually rewarding.

Why Become Salesforce Developer?

We are sure that a few of the aspirants are skeptical about the Salesforce Developer badges and ponder why they need to sit for complicated assessments to earn them. Well, the most obvious benefit of marshall r is the salary. It is pretty much known that a certified developer receives a higher payment as compared to the non-certified one. Research done by the vendor itself reveals that the average annual salary of a Salesforce developer in the US is $108,000, not to forget the bundle of job opportunities that comes along with such accreditation. Considering the fact that Salesforce is rather a new domain, the average number of jobs that this filed currently offers equal 89k in the US. Isn’t that persuasive enough to start pursuing those badges then?


Have you always nic i the career of a developer but never took a step in this direction? Then it’s time to act now. It doesn’t matter which Salesforce Developer certification you will choose to pursue, with any of them, you will enjoy an array of benefits. Don’t procrastinate and achieve your badge soon!

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