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You Are Enough

You Are Enough

Cassie Dionne Mendoza Jones is one of those adorable people you never forget. Radiating kindness and a love for life, she certainly is uniquely talented in being herself while momentously inspiring those around her with just a few words or even a slight glance into your eyes resulting in nothing but true positivity.

Her new book You Are Enough is compelling prose opening up Cassie’s mind process, sharing ideals, secrets and suggestions among other things on everything you need to revitalise that aura one may lack or want back. Spending some time with this lovely individual was like catching up with an old friend.

Shane A. Bassett – How do you feel that your book has gained a following globally?

Cassie Mendoza Jones – It’s one thing for your friends or family or audience I am familiar with, however it hits me when people I don’t know are reading my book, exciting. This whole lead up and now release is incredible. For one person to get something out of my book means everything to me.

SAB – Was the book just a natural extension of your popular blog?

CMJ – Around 12 or 13, I told my parents I would write a book thinking it would be all about horses, maybe the next Saddle Club series. A full weekend away on a writing journey and entering a competition with submission of a proposal was a great move, something I couldn’t believe why I wouldn’t have never wanted to do which in turn was negative self talk. An angel on my shoulder basically said, you can’t win if you don’t submit the proposal barely thinking about it again for the next four months. Then a week before the public announcement, Hay House (publishers) called me in for a meeting. We actually only took one scene from my proposal then fleshed it out completely different. After signing a contract, I rewrote over six weeks going to Byron Bay to edit it and here we are.

SAB – You have gone from Saddle Club to You are Enough, so all those things that were not used in this book, could you use in a follow up?

CMJ – My proposal could have been ten books, I’ve gently started a second book, more coming for sure.

SAB – Do you remember the first time you made a difference?

CMJ – I remember each time referring to a little folder in my online note book, I take anything responding to my advice or letters to me or anything at all that reminds me of nice real people responding and I have helped gain positivity somehow in their lives.

SAB – What happens if you go into a store or cafe and the person serving you is grumpy or rude?

CMJ – I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Having worked in retail, I know what it’s like, bosses exclaiming ‘leave your personal life at home’ but that can be difficult. There is a limit to how rude someone can be, but try not to take it personally and be neutral back to them as not to inflame the situation. Sometimes my attitude comes out myself, it’s a kind of personal joke between my family or friends having to be careful not to match their tone, it’s hard but I rise above it knowing they are just having a bad day, it’s not about me.

SAB – Personally I think girls can do anything, what’s your opinion on equality and society at the moment?

CMJ – I’ve never had the idea a woman can’t do something, I’ve never felt repressed or experienced that. From a co-ed school to growing up in society, I’ve always felt I can do equally alongside guys, it’s not affected me in my life. I’m so interested by it and supportive, I can see how it is a big deal in for many elements, but my world of health wellness and personal development women dominate, we can do anything.

SAB – How can food be a reflection of moods?

CMJ – Depending on your personality, people use food for comfort or look away from food for comfort. Many want to eat so well, it’s a big part. We often go to food to help lift us up, food can be a support of celebration, imagine going to a wedding with no food, it’s wrong. We need to become kinder and gentle when it comes to food for some, if you feel like you’re not looking after yourself when it comes to eating, there are certainly things you can do or learn, but don’t let food be the only way you look after yourself.

SAB – What is it exactly about crystals that help?

CMJ – Each crystal has energy around it in different ways that can help emotional spiritual levels, depending on what’s going on for you, different crystals can be used to shift energy or help protect. At my book launch party, I had a huge bowl of rose quartz pink crystal that people could take a big chunk home to help with self love and forgiveness. It often comes up in a balance of a client so it helps with reflection of emotion trying to align yourself with or bring in. You can wear it hold it just be near it to work.

SAB – Do you believe in looking into a crystal ball?

CMJ – I wish I had a crystal ball. I would suggest working with a crystal that feels right for you rather than looking into one but what a great question Shane. Meditating then open up to guidance using that as your crystal ball as opposed to look into a future, more about clearing third eye chakra having that insight of what to do for yourself.

SAB – What are your favourite movies to watch for inspiration or guilty pleasure?

CMJ – I’m obsessed with Blacklist (television series). Nothing to do with personal development, just the best show ever. Under the Tuscan Sun is a wonderful movie, it’s amazing although at the moment it’s more about TV shows Walking Dead, Limitless and Elementary; anything with a bit of mystery. I have absolutely no guilt about watching these shows, obviously there’s a difference between plonking yourself down zoning out and avoiding life. So as part of a rich rewarding life, I love my shows!

SAB – Have you ever thought about embarking as a host of a talk show or participating in a reality show using your expertise?

CMJ – I’m open to it, that would be wonderful and love to if the opportunity came to me. I was on an online show once where I made Miranda Kerr’s favourite smoothie which was fun.

SAB – Is yoga your one go-to exercise or have you got various active regimes you partake in?

CMJ – Yoga is part of my regular exercise, how I move my body three or four times a week. Walking too is awesome, living near Bondi Beach is great for that meeting friends or listening to podcasts or music or sometimes not listening to anything, just my own thoughts. Often I find if i’m stuck on something at work, a walk around the block actually helps, when you’re moving energetically things move enhancing thoughts.

SAB – When you have clients who are married as opposed to a single client, do you help them differently?

CMJ – Another question, Shane, I’ve never been asked. Not unless it’s a specific issue regarding relationships or they are seeing me to open up to love being in a relationship or finding the ideal partner, that would be the only reason. It’s a personal thing for that client otherwise not at all.

‘YOU ARE ENOUGH’ is available now via Hay House.
Twitter: @cmendozajones / Instagram: cassiemendozajones

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