Fiona Horne: The Naked Witch

Fiona Horne: The Naked Witch

She’s the lead singer of the ARIA nominated electro-rock band, DEF FX, the face of modern Witchcraft, a commercial pilot, best-selling author and TV personality – but there’s a lot you still don’t know about the enigmatic Fiona Horne.

In her new autobiography, The Naked Witch (Rockpool Publishing, $29.99), Fiona shares her fascinating story for the first time. From growing up in Sydney in the 1970s and finding a sense of acceptance in paganism, to the 1990s where she became the face of modern Witchcraft, a best-selling author, TV personality and chart-topping member of DEF FX, Fiona had Hollywood, and the world, at her fingertips. But simmering beneath the sparkling surface her personal demons lie in wait.

The Naked Witch takes you on a breathtaking ride through Fiona’s extraordinary journey through a metaphysical-laced material world. Funny, provocative, heartbreaking and inspirational, this is a revealing look into the action-packed life of one of Australia’s most captivating personalities.

Fiona is also now an accredited commercial pilot and works with organisations providing medical services, food and supplies to poor and underprivileged communities.  In February 2017, she coordinated relief efforts and piloted two humanitarian aid missions into Haiti in the wake of devastating Hurricane Matthew. 

Fiona Horne: The Naked Witch is available now.

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