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3M Futuro Custom Dial Range

3M Futuro Custom Dial Range

After a workout at the gym, a DIY session or a long day of physical activity the last thing you want when you finally relax is to experience joint pain. The launch of 3M Futuro’s newest innovation, the hero Custom Dial Range with leading Boa Technology Inc ‘click to fit’ dials, provides targeted pain assistance with the simple twist of a dial.

3M Futuro™ is the first to incorporate the innovative custom dial technology into its range of therapeutic supports with the launch of the Futuro™ Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser and Futuro™ Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap. The supports provide stability and symptomatic relief of pain for a range of sufferers, from sports enthusiasts to the overall ageing population, allowing the user to easily personalise compression levels. The range can be used as a drug free alternative for joint pain or in addition to therapy.

Reinventing how ski boots, shoes, medical braces and other equipment perform, the innovative Boa Technology Inc closure system enables micro-adjustment with a twist of the dial, resulting in convenience for those with strains, arthritis and injuries. Boa technology allows for a glove-like fit with a powerful, secure closure to ensure the support remains stable.

The Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser provides highly targeted “support on demand” with two adjustable dials allowing the support to be modified throughout the day. It’s low cut for freedom of hand movement and the durable lacing and materials mean it is breathable and soft on the inside. As well as providing joint pain support brought on by sport related or DIY strains, the Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser provides symptomatic relief and rigid stabilistion for those who suffer from Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

The discreet Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap, fits easily under clothing, enabling pressure to be modified effortlessly without the need for re-adjusting. Three times more targeted pressure can be applied on the affected elbow tendon without increasing pressure around the entire arm. Whilst the support is firmly stabilising, a soothing gel pad conforms to the shape of the arm providing additional comfort.

The Futuro™ Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser and Futuro™ Custom Dial Tennis Elbow Strap is priced at $57.99 (RRP) and $49.00 (RRP) respectively and available from leading pharmacies across Australia.

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