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A Better Tasting Ice Cream That Is Better For You – And The Planet

A Better Tasting Ice Cream That Is Better For You – And The Planet

The old saying goes “we all scream for ice cream” – and for good reason! It’s a yummy indulgence that many people enjoy, especially during the warmer months.

But what if you could enjoy that indulgent treat in a version that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture while still being better for you – and doing good for the world around you at the same time?

Introducing Elato Artisanal Ice Cream.

Elato ice cream is packed full of flavour using artisanal ingredients sourced from flavour suppliers committed to social impact. And with half the profits going to Oz Harvest, it really is a feel-good treat.

Elato artisanal ice creams are “clean label” which means all ingredients are made with minimal processing plus free from chemicals, colours and preservatives. They also use 30% less added sugar, and include pre-biotic fibre for good gut health as well as being free from lactose, and the major allergen’s gluten, soy and nuts.

The two dairy flavours – Triple Vanilla and Cold Brew Decaf Café Latte – are the only premium ice cream 3-star health-rated products on the market and were chosen for launch because they showcase Elato’s use of overnight infusions to enhance flavour. The difference is impressive.

Elato’s Dark Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream is vegan, made using an organic coconut cream base and vegan dark chocolate made from cacao beans grown organically by traditional methods in the Solomon Islands.

Elato founder and creator Roz Kaldor-Aroni, a proud chocoholic, believes it will be a hit with any chocoholic – not just vegans. Roz has a passion for making ice cream that first and foremost tastes amazing and has a rich, luxurious texture – but that is also better for you and, importantly tastes better than her most popular rivals in the supermarket freezer.

The self-confessed ice cream geek – who has used her extensive knowledge and interest in maths and science to learn all she can about making the best possible ice cream – says she was disappointed in the past to find so-called “healthier” ice cream options compromised on flavour and texture, used far too many chemicals and all had a poor after-taste from the use of sweeteners.

So, she developed a patented method to reduce certain sugars and replace them with soluble fibre, without losing natural sweetness.

Second only to flavour is Roz’s commitment to use the enjoyment of ice cream to give back to the community using Elato as a force for good She delivers her mission through sourcing only artisanal flavour suppliers committed to social impact and regenerative agriculture as well as giving 50 per cent of profits to OzHarvest to reduce food waste and help feed those in need.

“I wanted to create an ice cream that was better for you without compromising on a deliciously indulgent taste and texture,” Roz says. She also wanted her ice cream to have a positive impact on the planet and others.

“I wanted to use the enjoyment of ice cream do good in the world, which is why Elato is a social enterprise committed to using business to help improve the world,” she says.

“We choose to support OzHarvest to achieve these objectives because of its focus on food rescue and innovation to address food supply shortages in Australia and internationally.”

“This approach also extends to the sourcing of all our flavour suppliers who are artisanal, small batch social enterprises committed to sustainability, fair trade, a positive social impact and regenerative agriculture.”

Elato is ice cream that tastes better and is made better.

About Elato: Not only does Elato ice-cream taste exceptional, it’s a force for good with 50 per cent of the brand’s profits supporting food rescue non-profit organisation Oz Harvest. Elato’s delicious flavours are sourced from social enterprises committed to sustainability, fair trade and a positive social impact as well as offering a range of “better for you” product features. Check-out:

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