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Try This Decadent Dessert With New Katoomba Parle G Ice Cream

Try This Decadent Dessert With New Katoomba Parle G Ice Cream


Forget the humble bowl of ice cream – social media star Emelia Jackson has created a delicious and decadent dessert, using melt-in-the-mouth cream puffs, molten chocolate sauce and a unique slow-melting premium Indian ice cream.

Emelia, a former Masterchef Australia winner, cookbook author and one of the nation’s most popular digital food creators with more than 223,000 followers on Instagram, said her Molten Chocolate Puffs set a new standard for indulgence in the dessert scene.

“As an ice cream lover, this ticks all the boxes. It’s smooth and creamy, light and delicious,” Emelia, pictured above, says. “The slow melting nature of the kulfi is perfect for use in show-stopping desserts. Everyone knows I love choux buns, but they definitely are taken to the next level when filled with the delicious, creamy Kulfi Parle G.”

For the first time in Australia, a premium Indian ice cream – Katoomba Kulfi Parle G and Katoomba Kulfi Hide & Seek – has been launched on the market by Katoomba Foods, an Australian family-owned business. As well, it’s the first ice cream to use the iconic and extremely popular Parle biscuits, creating an exquisite fusion of Australian-made Kulfi Ice cream with India’s beloved Parle G and Hide and Seek chocolate chip biscuits, adding a unique twist to the product and making it a truly one-of-a-kind indulgence.

Katoomba Foods has joined forces with the renowned pastry chef to introduce an extraordinary – and delicious – dessert experience, aiming to tantalise the taste buds of Australians. Emelia has also created the perfect dessert for a large Indian feast – Parle G Kulfi and Honey Filo Dessert Cups – and one for the kids, Hide & Seek Kulfi Pops. As the demand for multicultural flavours continues to rise in the Australian snack food market, Katoomba Foods aims to satisfy this trend.

“We wanted to introduce Aussie made Kulfi ice cream with a twist to all Indians living here who are missing home as well as introducing “Kulfi” to the everyday Australian,” Katoomba Foods national commercial manager, Joe Mastroianni, said. “As well, India is a hot destination of choice at the moment.  Australia and India certainly share a love for cricket and now we can share a love for Indian Ice cream too.”

Katoomba Foods teases an exciting lineup of flavour rotations in the near future. Some of the anticipated flavours include Kulfi Mango & Coconut Classic, Kulfi Pistachio & Cardamom Classic, Kulfi Date & Walnut Classic, and Kulfi & Cashew Classic.

Katoomba Global Foods is still an Australian family-owned business. It has grown and has established itself as a dominant international foods player servicing high-volume customers across retail, food service, manufacturing, and distribution.

Katoomba Kulfi Parle G Ice Cream & Katoomba Kulfi Hide Seek Ice Cream are available in Coles, selected Woolworths Stores and selected Independents outlets.

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