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A High Roller's Guide to Sydney's Biggest Casinos

A High Roller’s Guide to Sydney’s Biggest Casinos

As the vibrant sun sets over the azure Sydney Harbour, nocturnal thrill-seekers congregate in anticipation. Affluent gamblers, eager to wager their fortunes, flock to Sydney’s luxurious casinos for an exciting night of entertainment. With a plethora of gaming options, the city boasts some of Australia’s biggest and most opulent gambling establishments that offer unparalleled extravagance and excitement.

This article is prepared and reviewed by AustraliaCasinoReviews to present a high roller guide to the best casinos in Sydney 2023, where players can experience the ultimate gaming adrenaline rush. We will explore the features and offerings that will fulfill your desire for excitement and luxury.

The Star Sydney

The Star Sydney is a luxurious casino, often considered the best place to play pokies in Sydney. It is renowned for its luxurious gaming facilities and high-end dining establishments. The lavish interiors are adorned with exquisite furnishings throughout vast spaces perfect to indulge any gambling enthusiast’s passion. It is an ideal gaming destination with over 130 table games, 1400 electronic machines, and two floors of thrilling entertainment.

Here are some of the best features that The Star has to offer:

– VIP tables. For those seeking an exclusive gaming experience, The Star Sydney has the Sovereign Room with personalized services to cater to high-stakes players. Its opulent ambiance and custom-made facilities will provide a sense of exclusivity that cannot be found elsewhere.

– Fine dining. The casino’s culinary offerings are also remarkable across its various restaurants, which boast celebrity chefs worldwide, such as Momofuku Seiōbo, BLACK Bar & Grill, and Sokyo. Patrons can satisfy their palates with diverse delicacies while sipping on finely-crafted cocktails at several bars within the casino.

– Entertainment options. The Star Sydney has plenty of entertainment options, including the Lyric Theatre, which hosts world-renowned shows and concerts.

The sophisticated bars within this magnificent venue serve expertly crafted cocktails amidst luxury decor, providing just the right atmosphere to relax after enjoying some time spent challenging lady luck!

Crown Sydney

Without a doubt, the grandiose Crown Sydney is set to be one of Australia’s most significant architectural landmarks. Boasting 75 floors and towering over the rest of the city skyline, this grand casino offers VIP exclusivity with world-class gaming in stunning surroundings. The venue will appeal to all gamblers, both those enjoying land-based casinos and those who prefer gambling online in mobile apps and browsers. With an array of enticing options across the 3-level casino floor, it promises to offer unparalleled gambling experiences.

Once completed, it will house luxury apartments along with two prestigious restaurants, complete La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway headlining as its fine-dining option. The complex features high roller salons that harbor dedicated concierge services providing seamless transitions between dining reservations and personalized gaming experiences.

Aside from traditional games such as blackjack and roulette, which offer customized electronic betting terminals for every station, players have access to unique facilities like rare auto-roulette machines typically only found at international venues.

For those in search of a more relaxed gaming atmosphere, Crown Sydney offers plush lounges where guests can enjoy bespoke cocktails and fine wines while playing poker or baccarat. All this is backed up by five-star service synonymous with the crown brand making it an ultimate destination for tourists aspiring to experience limitless luxury.

The Darling

Nestled in Pyrmont, The Darling is a five-star boutique hotel offering guests world-class entertainment and gaming options. Its opulent 16-story tower features an impressive casino floor covering over 1,114 square meters of play space.

New York’s glitzy nightlife inspires the elegant interiors of the casino. It features elegant chandeliers lining glistening corridors that lead into top-of-the-line VIP booths replete with private tables for high rollers looking for exclusivity. Playing here also entails exceptional customer service. Their professional dealers cater to players’ needs, from beginners needing guidance on game rules to seasoned gamblers. It all gives customers unrivaled value-driven excitement.

Different betting levels are available across classic games such as roulette, blackjack plus, electronic machines featuring keno & bingo themes. The Darling’s exceptional gaming space caters to different classes of gamers and is well-suited for those who want a more exclusive casino experience. The Darling Lounge, an elegant VIP room adjacent to the main floor, provides high rollers with bespoke service on personalized games.

After the gambling session, head up towards Sokyo Lounge, located within the premises, and indulge your taste buds with the finest Japanese cuisine and exotic cocktails. The Lounge offers an exquisite setting ideal for winding down after a long night of gaming and entertainment, creating lasting memories that will linger in your mind forever.

The City Tattersalls Club

Another noteworthy addition to Sydney’s gambling scene is the City Tattersalls Club, a heritage-listed retail club on Pitt Street. The prestigious private club has been operational since 1895 and offers enthusiasts some of the finest entertainment options.

The casino floor extends over 4200 sq. ft, offering about forty pokies without available table games. They have also introduced TAB facilities along with Keno making it convenient for their members to bet amid a luxurious environment. Though not as expansive as other casinos on this list, patrons can still enjoy some of the best pokies in Sydney after movies or sports tournaments that guarantee sheer excitement.

City Tattersalls’ affiliation with hundreds of clubs globally opens up numerous reciprocal travel benefits alongside its gaming offerings – ideal when looking beyond just local sightseeing while here!

Their aesthetic interiors combined with Victorian-era decor transport you back in time and offer an unforgettable experience unmatched by any modern structure yet provide first-class contemporary amenities such as free wifi connectivity throughout different areas within the venue where their customers can catch up during intervals between bets!

If hunger strikes mid-game, head towards one-of-a-kind dining establishments like The Bistro, operated by Rockpool Dining Group. It provides guests with fine quality Australian food & drink served seamlessly around personalized service from waiters who pay attention to every detail.


Sydney is a paradise for gambling enthusiasts who seek world-class casinos to curb their thirst for excitement and luxury. The Star Sydney, Crown Sydney, and The Darling Hotel Casino, among others, offer an unparalleled experience with different gaming levels suitable for all players. These venues provide unique features that cater to the customers’ demands while offering five-star service synonymous with their brand worldwide.

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