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ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites

ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites

As schools turn their focus onto healthy eating, Mum’s who are stuck for a healthy lunchbox option or satisfying snack at home can now buy the all-natural ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites to satisfy hungry little tummies. ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites are a health-focused snack boasting half the fat content of potato chips with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Available in multi-packs of 6 x 15g in Pizza and Sour Cream & Chives flavours, ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites are a guilt-free, versatile snack which has Australian wholemeal flour, and natural flavourings, with only 1.9g of fat and 0.6g of sugar per serve.

Healthier than any potato chip, ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites are an exciting addition to the school lunch boxes, a much-needed energy boost for after sports activities, or a snack on the go!

Melanie Kyle, Brand Manager at ABE’S Bagels says, “We are thrilled to launch ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites into Australia. We have worked hard to ensure that we deliver a trusted and healthy snack option for kids. We hope to become a popular snack of choice in Australian households for parents who are looking for a snack they know won’t be detrimental to their kid’s health. We know parents are constantly seeking variety for their children’s lunch box because it can get monotonous, so we are super excited to give parents an option that we know will not only satisfy kids tastebuds, but offer them a brand new snack that is good for them.”

At ABE’S Bagel’s Auckland bakery, the utmost care is taken when selecting ingredients and baking the Bites. ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites are made by baking fresh bagel dough and slicing it before baking them again slowly in small batches until crisp. Delicious seasonings are then added as well as a light sprinkle of olive oil to produce a delicious, additive-free kid’s snack that contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives and is also free of cholesterol MSG and palm oil.

Tasty, healthy and convenient – what parent wouldn’t love ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites for their kids?

ABE’S Kids Bagel Bites are available in convenient multi-packs of 6 x 15g in Pizza and Sour Cream & Chives flavours available at Woolworths nationally for RRP $3.99.

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