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Australian dieticians praise introduction of RioLife Açaí

Australian dieticians praise introduction of RioLife Acai

Dieticians and healthcare practitioners are welcoming the introduction of a new natural energy food derived from the Brazilian Amazon as an overdue option for Australians looking to add a tasty, versatile and natural energy source to their daily health and beauty routine.

Açaí (pronounced Ah- Sigh- Ee) is a small purple coloured berry, high in antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin e, iron, calcium and magnesium which has now been introduced to the Australian diet by Sydney based exotic energy food specialists RioLife.

The berry in RioLife Açaí is wild harvested in the Brazilian rain forest from an Amazon palm, often referred to by locals as the ‘tree of life’.

Sydney dietician and native Brazilian Flavia Fayet notes that with greater levels of stress being placed on Australians due to economic downturn and ever growing work commitments, more focus should be placed on the introduction of long lasting natural energy foods as part of our regular diet.

“Given current trends by the Australian Government and healthcare professional groups to review diet and lifestyle for long term health benefits, a responsible approach to diet and lifestyle is crucial for overall health and wellbeing,” says Flavia. “Combined with proper diet and exercise, RioLife Açaí can help your body function better by providing essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and essential oils, leaving you with more energy to get on with the day ahead.”

Naturally packed full of antioxidants, RioLife Açaí also helps to fight the visible signs of aging, replenishing the body with omega fatty acids, fibre, amino acids and minerals. “Foods with high antioxidant activity help neutralise free radicals which are known to damage cells in the body,” says Flavia. “One serve of RioLife Açaí is equal in antioxidants to approximately 120 blueberries (a regular breakfast food for many Australians) with the bonus of almost no sugar at all; so not only is it great for helping you look great, it’s also full of long lasting energy to help you through the day”

RioLife Certified Organic Freeze Dried Açaí is available from all good health food stores, pharmacies and whole-food stores nation-wide.

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