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Best Ways to Get Around Sydney

Best Ways to Get Around Sydney

Whether you’re visiting Sydney, Australia, for a holiday or have recently moved there, you might have wondered about the best ways to get around. Sydney is an expansive city with over five million people, so navigating the many attractions on foot is not necessarily convenient. Learning about the best ways to get around the city can make everyday life much easier. Here are some of the many options you can choose from:


Not everyone finds public transport convenient, especially if you want to be somewhere at a specific time, and public transport operates on its own schedule, not yours. That’s why driving can be a convenient way to get around Sydney. If you have your own car, you can go anywhere at any time.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable navigating such a busy city, consider driver training. Search ‘defensive driving course Sydney’, and you’re bound to find many training options to help you feel more confident behind the wheel.

Taxi and Rideshare

After arriving in Sydney by plane, you don’t have the luxury of your own wheels unless you rent a car. In that case, consider taxi and rideshare services. Sydney offers both for user convenience. There are taxi ranks in built-up areas and several taxi booking apps for mobile devices. You can also use ridesharing apps like Uber, Ola, GoCatch, and DiDi. Shebah is an all-women rideshare service for women who feel more comfortable with female drivers when exploring Sydney.


Affordability is a primary consideration for many people needing to access public transportation often. That’s one of the leading reasons why the train network in Sydney is a popular way for visitors and residents alike to get around.

It’s a cost-effective travel option with several routes from the City Circle to the harbour ferries, Town Hall Station, Central Station, and retail precinct. Bus services replace the trains from 12 am to 4.30 am for convenience if you travel late at night. Whether you’ve just moved to Sydney or are a visitor, it won’t take long to familiarise yourself with the train network.


Accessing any inner city from the suburbs can sometimes be challenging. However, that’s not typically the case in Sydney, thanks to its comprehensive bus network. Many bus routes run 24 hours a day from Wynyard and Circular Quay to regional areas, suburbs, and even the beaches. Bus fares are also typically quite affordable, with an adult peak fare of 8km+ averaging around $5.33.

Cycling and Scootering

Bicycles and non-motorised scooters can be a cost-effective and fun way to navigate Sydney. You can hire a bike or buy one and enjoy a comprehensive network of cycleways, shared paths, and streets. There is even a free Sydney cycling map with keys to show you the off-road cycleways, off-road shared paths, routes with bicycle route signage, and direct routes with high traffic. It’s worth keeping in mind that Segways, e-scooters, and motorised scooters aren’t allowed on Sydney roads and footpaths.

Getting around Sydney doesn’t have to be daunting and overwhelming. The more you know about the many different transport options in Sydney, the more confident you might feel about navigating the city and enjoying everything it has to offer.

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