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Coffee making tips for the summer season

Coffee making tips for the summer season

As the weather starts heating up, its important to start your day right, with the perfect cup of coffee.

It’s true that coffee has a delicious flavour on its own, but sometimes you want to jazz up your homemade brew and make your morning extra special. Whether you want to add different flavours into your morning cup, have it cold or add some design into your milk foam, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up three simple and clever coffee hacks by TikTok stars Chantel Mila, Cooking with Ayeh and Bec Hardgrave to help boost your coffee confidence and take your mornings to the next level during the warmer months.

Bec Hardgrave achieves the perfect frothy milk using a mason jar for her iced coffee with Starbucks® at Home Blonde Espresso blend. Bec’s go-to morning routine involves an iced long black with a dash of oat milk, and she states that without it she is useless. One of her favourite things about her mornings is that first sip of coffee, and Bec gives us some hot tips on how you can feel the same!

Chantel Mila demonstrates how to make creative latte art in under 10 seconds using just a toothpick and Starbucks® at Home Espresso Roast blend. Being a busy mum and getting four people out the door every morning means having some time alone can be a challenge. Chantel explains how she finds the time to unwind and enjoy her cup of morning coffee, as well as how to make it special. Discussing the importance of ‘me-time’, Chantel is all about making your coffee time an experience, incorporating the mastery of latte art, and ensuring she gets into the right mindset before the day begins.

Cooking with Ayeh takes an iced latte to another level by melting a chocolate block over the Starbucks® at Home Breakfast Blend and pouring over iced milk for a milky, marble effect. As the weather gets warmer, having an iced latte with either Oat Milk or Almond milk is a must for Ayeh. It’s refreshing and leaves room for creativity too! Encouraging Aussies to experiment and try something new, Ayeh shows us how to stray from our usual coffee routine, and branch out this summer, to try the many fun and yummy coffee varieties out there.

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