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A Fatal Tide

A Fatal Tide

By Steve Sailah.

A compelling, fast-paced novel by Steve Sailah, A Fatal Tide brings a murder mystery into the trenches of WWI Gallipoli.

After an impressive twenty-six year career with the ABC as foreign correspondent and executive producer of The World Today, A Fatal Tide is Steve Sailah’s debut novel. Having been a friend to several Gallipoli veterans, he returned to the battlefields with a number of them on the 75th anniversary of the first ANZAC landing, and released the ABC documentary Stories from Gallipoli. Steve continues to show what it was really like for young Australians to leave home to become a part of WWI.

In A Fatal Tide it is 1915, and Thomas Clare and his best friend Snow go to war to solve the murder of his father. Led across the world and into the depths of war by just two clues – a hidden wartime document and the imprint of an army boot on the victim’s face – the pair embark upon a journey ridden with danger.

Finding himself in a world in which murder is the norm, Thomas has to learn quickly who he can and cannot trust. With not only the Turkish troops bearing down on the Anzac lines, but also the cold-blooded killer of his father in his own trench, Thomas learns that questions about the past of everyone he meets will be the key to his own survival.

For, unknown to Thomas, the path to murder began thirteen years earlier in Africa with the execution of Breaker Morant – and a secret that could change the course of history…

Steve Sailah is a former ABC foreign correspondent in New Delhi and Washington and the recipient of two prestigious Walkley Awards. He was a friend to several Gallipoli veterans, and returned to the battlefields with a number of them on the 75th anniversary of the first ANZAC landing. His ABC documentary, Stories from Gallipoli, was republished in April 2013.

A Fatal Tide is available now.

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