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Father’s Day gift dilemma? Look no further

Father’s Day gift dilemma? Look no further

Cross off the shopping list, ‘Buy Father’s Day present’, because the perfect gift that will keep on giving has been found.

Children (and of course Mums too) always want Dad to be safe and that’s why the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day is a personal breathalyser. A brand new super-lightweight Australian-designed AlcoSense breathalyser has just been launched and the sleek, minimalist design will impress any Dad.

Andatech’s AlcoSense Elite 3 has a low weight of just 83 grams, which includes the batteries, and matches the very attractive low RRP of just $219. The Elite 3 has a fuel cell sensor that provides fast, accurate alcohol-specific readings within 10 seconds of taking a test. BAC results are provided to three decimal places with an accuracy of +/-.005% BAC#. It is tested and certified for its accuracy and reliability meeting Australian Standard AS3547.

Andatech’s unique specially designed mouthpiece allows for a better, more comfortable holding angle and also helps to prevent moisture from entering the sensor. The stylish black Elite 3 can be used with a mouthpiece for specific testing or without a mouthpiece for fast mode testing. This normal and fast dual mode reading is usually only found on more expensive devices.

The fast mode provides a positive or negative alcohol reading within five seconds and is perfect for P-plate drivers who need a zero-alcohol reading before driving and therefore aren’t concerned with a specific BAC reading. Perhaps it’s the perfect present for new drivers to give to their Dad so they can make use of it from time to time as well?

The Elite 3 comes with its own zip pouch that protects the unit and conveniently stores the five mouthpieces provided with the device. It has a three-year warranty, which is extendable to a lifetime. Andatech has a wide range of personal breathalysers priced from $199 to $279 that can be found and purchased from Autobarn, RACV and RAA Shops and online at

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