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Garden Watering Tools and Equipment: Essentials for Efficient Irrigation

Garden Watering Tools and Equipment: Essentials for Efficient Irrigation

Relaxing in your lush, green and beautiful garden is the best way to spend any day. Creating and maintaining your little oasis of peace and greenery requires work, dedication and, most importantly, water. Watering your plants is essential as you eat, and just as our dieting can get tricky, so can proper watering. To best help you water all the different plants you have, we’ve gathered a list of essential tools and accessories. And with the right tool for the job, your plants will grow and flourish!

1. Watering can

The simplest of solutions are sometimes the best. Watering cans are symbolic of gardens, finding their way into each one. You’ve probably seen an old, metal one at your grandparent’s place. Or a colourful, plastic one sitting idly in someone’s backyard, complimenting the flowers with its stylish design patterns.

Whatever the design or materials are used, watering cans are essential for watering your outside or inside plants. Watering cans are ideal for the job when you need to water a specific area or harder-to-reach places, making it easier for plants to use water. Precision, portability and simplicity are what each watering can provide. The rest is up to your preference.

2. Soaker

The main benefits of using soakers are less water waste, direct distribution and direct absorption by your plants. Because soakers are placed directly on top of the roots and ground, their continuous feed makes it easy for your plants to absorb the water. Dumping larger volumes of water on your plants can sometimes backfire because the ground cannot soak up all the water fast enough. But as soakers deliver small amounts and continuously do so, they allow for the plant and ground to take in all the water. Unlike mass watering systems, soakers conserve water and don’t waste it over large surfaces.

3. Hoses

Transporting water across your yard is possible with a watering can, but it’s ideal and easier with a hose. Hoses connect to your water source and can funnel larger quantities of water continuously and easily. Their design allows you to meander and guide them through your garden, allowing you to reach each corner. With plenty of good and professional Hoselink garden hose reels, you won’t have to worry about storing your hoses away. Unpacking, dragging and doing garden watering takes time and energy. Once you’re done, with a simple click, you can safely and quickly store your long hose away until your next use. Hoses can also come in a variety of colours and lengths, with different diameters if you need more water to flow.

4. Lawn sprinklers

The sight of a green carpet sprawling in front of your home, covering your backyard, is a thing of beauty. The usual method to make it happen is lawn sprinklers. With proper positioning, type and settings, your lawn can become picture-perfect. Modern lawn sprinklers are programable, allowing you to regulate the water flow and not waste water.

The ideal time to water your lawn is early in the morning before the heat, or in the evening when the ground cools. Not excessively watering your lawn prevents puddles from forming, and they are a breeding ground for bacteria and plant diseases. It also saves you money on your water bill. So, in a way, lawn sprinklers are an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

Garden Watering Tools and Equipment: Essentials for Efficient Irrigation

5. Rain gauge

When is the right time to water? When the ground and your plants are thirsty. It’s easy to see dry plants or ground, but what can you do when there is occasional rain? And even if it’s raining, the amount of water that falls may not be enough. When the ground is dry for a long time, it gets hard to absorb the water, and you may get the impression your ground is moist. But in reality, it’s only surface-level deep. Rain gauges tell you all the info you need about watering and watering levels. With precise measurements and simple instructions, you won’t need to be an expert to know when and how much water you need to apply.

6. Rain barrels

Speaking about rain, it’s possible to store, filter, and use rain to your advantage. Rain barrels capture the free rain falling from the sky and store it for your convenience. As with many investments, rain barrels will pay for themselves with every usage. Their capacities can range, but all start from large sums and can accommodate any garden.

Storing natural rainfall for later use is useful for two reasons when watering your garden. The first reason is that the rain will water your plants, and you won’t have to do it for a while. The second reason is that once you do have to water your plants, you’re using the same rainwater, but for free. Even if there are water outages, or disruptions in water supply, with a rain barrel your garden is not in threat.

7. Watering accessories

Sometimes you can have the right tool for your watering job, but it needs a bit of tweaking. Your long hose needs a different attachment, or your watering can have an adjustable flow. Watering accessories are common for hoses, making them versatile tools for water dispersing, adapting to every situation and for every job you need. Sometimes you need to sprinkle water over a large area, while sometimes, you’ll need a strong, and consistent stream.

Watering accessories can even turn your hose into a cleaning tool, making it a multi-practical assortment. Flow regulators can attach to any hose, and you can even use hose extenders, to connect two or more hoses when you need to cover more ground. Whatever accessories you choose, will bring added value to your watering gear and expand your options.

Every living thing on Earth needs water. Animals, humans and plants thrive with enough water, and your backyard needs all the help it can get. As we’ve seen, it’s not enough to water your plants, but there are plenty of factors to consider. With time, practice and experience, you’ll get the hang of it, and it will become your routine. Once garden watering becomes mundane, your plants will grow exceptionally beautiful!

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