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Hey Chú introduces Vietnamese Wellington, Not Pot Au Feu

Hey Chú introduces Vietnamese Wellington, Not Pot Au Feu

From the bustling heart of Asia’s nightlife to the eclectic flavours on the plate, Hey Chú, a late-night haven, introduces a unique twist to the culinary tradition: the “Vietnamese Wellington, Not Pot Au Feu”.

“Pot au feu”, translating to “pot on the fire”, is a signature must when it comes to French cuisine; a slow-cooked, flavoursome broth with meat and vegetables. This classic has deep ties to Vietnam’s national dish, Pho, a relationship forged during French colonial times. The influence of French cooking married with the rich traditions of Vietnamese flavours, giving birth to the Pho we cherish today.

Now, imagine this shared heritage brought to life in a singular dish crafted by Cuong Nguyen, Hey Chú’s executive chef and owner. At its heart is a beef tenderloin, cured with authentic pho spices, serving up the rich aroma and depth of its origins. Wrapped in pho fat puff pastry, the tenderloin’s flavour reaches new heights. Wilted spinach and a holy basil Vietnamese sate are served alongside the indulgent dish, completing a plate that speaks volumes of culinary storytelling through endless flavours that will have diners digging in for more.

“While ‘Not Pot Au Feu’ pays respects to Pho’s origins, diners should expect something beyond a traditional bowl of Pho. We’ve ventured into uncharted flavour territories, infusing spices and aromas that capture Vietnam’s essence in every bite”, says Cuong.

Notes of leek, mushroom, and a delicious hint of pho fat comes to life with every mouthful. This strategic use of pho fat in the duxelles, crepe, and pastry is Cuong’s love letter to Pho, capturing the very essence of the hearty classic in a novel flavour explosion.

This redefined classic, priced at $58 and ideal for sharing between two, will be available from Monday, October 23rd to Monday, November 6th at Hey Chú. A fun, timeless creation so intricate that’s guaranteed to provide a unique experience beyond the plate.

Driven by a passion to reimagine a rustic soup’s simplicity into a drool-worthy masterpiece, “Not Pot Au Feu” stands as a testament to the imaginative spirit at Hey Chú. For only two weeks, diners have the opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure that harmonises traditional with contemporary.

Hey Chú
Level 1, 249 Castlereagh St, Sydney
Open Monday – Saturday: 5pm – late

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