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In Wilderness

In Wilderness

By Diane Thomas.

Can you imagine being allergic to virtually everything on earth?

Diane Thomas had good reason to believe she was dying when she was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), rendering her allergic or sensitive to almost everything on earth. As her last dying wish to hike the Appalachian Trail was not possible, she instead chose to write In Wilderness; the spectacular erotic thriller about a woman suffering from her own debilitating illness.

After Katherine learns that she has a terminal illness, she leaves her thriving advertising business to move into a cabin far into the wilderness. Yet despite her self-inflicted isolation Katherine senses that she is not alone. Rather, she is being watched very closely. Eventually the tormented Vietnam veteran Danny, and previous inhabitant of the cabin, reveals himself to Katherine. What ensues is a dangerous and passionate relationship that threatens to destroy the both of them.

The second novel by Diane Thomas, In Wilderness is an all-consuming erotic thriller about love, obsession and what it is to escape society to be truly alone in the wild.

Diane Thomas is the author of the highly acclaimed novel, The Year the Music Changed. Inspired by her own brush with death, an early draft of In Wilderness was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She has worked as a reporter, film and theater critic, magazine writer, and editor in Atlanta, north Georgia, and the Florida panhandle. She and her husband now live in New Mexico.

In Wilderness is available now.

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