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John of God

John of God to visit Sydney

Known around the world as John of God and considered by many as the greatest spiritual healer of our time, Joao Teixiera de Faria is set to visit Sydney, Australia in November 2014.

Diego Coppola, who works closely with John of God, has confirmed the visit announcing a three day event – November 22-24. “We are thrilled to announced that John of God will visit Australia for the very first time. The weekend promises to be a rare opportunity for people to see and experience the extraordinary, shared Coppola”

John of God, is a simple farmer with a profound spiritual gift.  Every week thousands come from every corner of the globe to visit him at his healing sanctuary in a small village of rural Brazil.  Many come for physical healing and others for spiritual growth but everyone reports a sense of connection and deep spiritual shifts after their time with him.   Visitors include medical doctors scientists, priests, theologians and people from all walks of life and all religious beliefs.  Mr. Faria is quick to point out he does not heal anyone and that any healing is the work of God and the benevolent spirits that accompany him on his mission.  The fact remains, however, that thousands of people credit him and his work as the reason why they overcame illnesses considered incurable by modern medical standards

John of God advises, “I do not heal anyone.  The one who heals is God, who in his infinite goodness allows the benevolent spirits to use me as a tool, providing healing and consolation to my brothers and sisters.  I am truly only an instrument in his divine hands.”

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