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Last Vegas

Last Vegas

Starring: Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Ashley Spillers (Rated M – 105 min).

With a cast of this caliber and the premise of an epic bachelor party in Sin City, what could go wrong. Rather than replicate ‘The Hangover’ with added Viagra, the comedy in this film is actually not the strong point, a heartfelt message lies beneath the shenanigans on show for these senior citizens on parade. Playing up to their elder status is part of the fun and age shall not weary them, unless its after a big night of debauchery.

Inseparable lifelong best friends were known as the Flatbush Four in the 1950’s. Drifting apart over time, they mostly kept in contact but rarely spend time as the quartet of troublemakers they once were, until now. Self proclaimed bachelor Billy (Michael Douglas) has proposed to histhirty something girlfriend, its time to round up the boys to celebrate.

Recovering from a mild stroke, Archie (Morgan Freeman) lives with his overprotective son, Sam (Kevin Kline) the quiet one is married to his first love, while Paddy (Robert DeNiro) is reclusive after his wife passed wearing pyjamas day in, day out. Surprisingly, they all agree to catch up with Billy and his junior bride to be for a weekend of fun. Panning out some dramatic elements to proceedings, history catches up between a couple of the guys, still holding grudges and for very good reason. Billy did not front up to the funeral of Paddy’s wife. The older generation mixing it with the young results in mostly hilarious results, in particular during an extravagant pool party hosted by music maestro RedFoo.

A particular age appropriate romance seems convoluted and probably didn’t need to be inserted, however it helps with the typical Hollywood happy ending. It’s really all about these four screen legends who hold seven Oscars between them. Reusing the pearly whites borrowed from Liberace in ‘Behind the Candelabra’, whenever Michael Douglas smiles, the flash of blinding light bounces off the screen may make you reach for the sunglasses. For me, Kevin Kline has never been funnier than in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, although ‘In & Out’ came close, he stands out amongst his regal co-stars, very hard to do within this company.

A collective of truly cringe worthy scenes is possibly the screenwriter’s responsibility rather than the actors who do their best.

Shane A. Bassett

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